Yonsei University’s ‘Super Rookie’ Jooyoung Lee’s determination, “We will produce different results next season”

Lee Joo-young swallowed his disappointment this season. Therefore, he predicted that he would become stronger.

Jooyoung Lee (189cm, G) attracted a lot of attention by winning MVP of the last U18 Asian Championship. And he entered Yonsei University and took his first steps on the university stage. But his adjustment to college was not easy. He played his first two games, but suffered a fractured ankle in the next game.

Afterwards, Lee Joo-young returned to the team ahead of the MBC Cup. Although he didn’t play many games for MBC, he left quite an impact. Although he played only 15 minutes total, he scored 13 points.

And Lee Joo-young’s true value was revealed in the playoffs. Jooyoung Lee scored 10 points against Konkuk University in the quarterfinal playoffs and 16 points against Sungkyunkwan University in the semifinal playoffs. Yonsei University, thanks to Lee Joo-young’s performance, advanced to the playoff finals.

The opponent in the finals was their archrival, Korea University. Lee Joo-young broke through Korea University’s tight defense and scored 16 points. In particular, he performed tremendously, scoring 8 points in the third quarter alone. However, Yonsei University unfortunately lost the game, and Lee Joo-young’s performance faded.

Juyoung Lee, who looked back on the season, said, “I worked really hard last season. However, he was unable to play many games due to his injury. That’s so unfortunate. My brothers must have had a hard time with me missing. “Now that the season is over, I will not think about it anymore and focus on next season.”

Also, “It’s unfortunate that I never got past Korea University. We lost both the regular match and the final메이저사이트, unfortunately. That’s upsetting. But next season will produce different results. “Everyone will do our best for that,” he said, expressing his regret about not being able to advance to Korea University.

He continued, “(Yoo) Ki-sang will not be there next season. The place will be very big. But we are still strong. “I want to prove it,” he added.

Afterwards, when asked about Lee Joo-young’s points of improvement for the next season, he said, “I felt that there were too many things I was lacking during the season. The physicality, shooting, and physical condition were the same. Everything needs to be supplemented. “I will come back stronger,” he said.

Lastly, Jooyoung Lee said, “For the past few years, Yonsei University has not been able to surpass Korea University. There are many good players on our team. I want to come together and bring Yonsei University back to its new era. He ended the interview with the determination, “Next season will be really fun.”

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