Director Kang Yang-hyun, the protagonist of the movie ‘Rebound’, said, “I prepared for the Asian Games with the determination to die”

 Can the touching story of the movie ‘Rebound’ be recreated in Hangzhou?

The 3×3 men’s basketball team, led by coach Yang-Hyeon Kang, entered Hangzhou, the final battle site, on the 22nd. Korea, consisting of Seo Myung-jin (24, Hyundai Mobis), Kim Dong-hyun (21, KCC), Lee Doo-won (23, KT), and Lee Won-seok (23, Samsung), all of whom have professional basketball experience, played in Group B with Iran, Maldives, Japan, and Turkmenistan. Play a league. Korea is scheduled to play its first game against Iran at 5:45 pm on the 25th.

Director Kang is famous for being the real-life protagonist of the movie ‘Rebound,’ which was released last April. In 2012, while he was serving as a public service worker, he happened to become the coach of his alma mater, Busan Jungang High School. Coach Kang, who had only 6 players, drew a lot of attention by leading Busan Jungang High School to runner-up in the association’s long-term championship. A touching story that is more like a cartoon than a cartoon was made into a movie.

Cheon Ki-beom, who was a key player at Busan Jungang High School at the time, played for Samsung after attending Yonsei University. He entered the Japanese professional basketball league last year and recently failed to renew his contract, leaving him without a team. Heo Hoon, who won the championship as an ace at Yongsan High School 11 years ago, is aiming for a gold medal at the Asian Games on the 5-on-5 national basketball team.

The 3×3 national team is comprised of promising young players in professional basketball. However, 5×5 and 3×3 are completely different sports. In 3×3, if you play switch defense, there will be a mismatch and you will have a chance right away. Seo Myung-jin, who is a tall guard at 188cm, is also a target for defense in 3×3.

Additionally, in 3×3, where 3-point shots are counted as 2 points and spacing is more important, it is essential for everyone to have outside shooting ability. Proven big men Lee Won-seok (207cm) and Lee Doo-won (205cm) also do not have outside shots, so their power could be greatly reduced.

There were also pains in the composition of the players. Apparently, Jang Shin-won was selected레고토토 first for the 5×5 national team, and the 3×3 national team was pushed to the bottom of the list. Foreign forwards such as Lee Hyun-joong, Yeo Jun-seok, and Yang Jae-min also left open the possibility, but ultimately failed to join. As a result, Kim Dong-hyun, who had not had proper playing time even in the pros, got on the last train.

Although the conditions were difficult, coach Yang-Hyeon Kang was already accustomed to being treated as an ‘underdog’. He is a coach who is good at leading underrated players and causing accidents. He said, “The players followed the instructions well despite the difficult conditions. “He worked hard with the determination to go to China and die, so he expected good results to come.”

It’s difficult starting from the first opponent, Iran. Iran has a good physique, and 3×3 basketball is tolerant of physical competition. Coach Kang said, “I talked a lot to the players about fouls in 3×3 basketball. The players and I are also desperate. “First of all, we will enter the quarterfinals of the tournament, which is our first goal,” he expressed his ambition. 

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