“What if I’m alone on Chuseok? I can just go to the convenience store.”

The Chuseok holiday, which lasts up to six days, has begun, but some people are expected to rest or travel instead of returning to their hometowns. Additionally, due to the economic situation, the number of ‘Honchu people’ who spend Chuseok alone is expected to increase.

According to a recent survey conducted by Lotte Members on the 25th asking 4,000 consumers in their 20s to 50s or older about their plans to return home during Chuseok, 46.0% of respondents responded that they plan to visit their hometown, parents’ house, or relative’s house.

However, on the contrary, 30.0% of respondents said they would rest at home due to holiday stress and financial burden, and 22.4% of respondents said they would travel for relaxation (13.6% domestically, 8.7% overseas).

The distribution industry also believes that the number of single people spending the Chuseok holiday alone is increasing every year, and is continuously releasing convenience foods and lunch boxes so that people can enjoy holiday food.

First, considering the recent recession, CU is selling frozen convenience foods that can create a Chuseok atmosphere this year through a buy-one-get-one event. The target items are 4 types of finished products such as japchae, fried fish pancake, perilla leaf pancake, and omisanjeok for one meal, and 3 types of ingredients such as pork pollack, mixed seafood, and lobster shrimp.

Additionally, the Chuseok lunch box consists of a set roast pork lunch box and a solo assorted pancake lunch box. The grilled pork lunch box is a product containing grilled pork of the Berkshire K breed and a variety of pancakes and side dishes, and the solo assorted pancake lunch box contains 9 different pancakes in one, including kimchi pancakes, potato pancakes, mung bean pancakes, donggeurangttaeng, fried red peppers, fried squid, and assorted seafood balls. It is a single dish composed.

GS25In celebration of the Chuseok holiday, the company also introduced the ‘Eonamseonsaengkwari Jjimdak 토토사이트Lunchbox’. ‘Eonamseonsaengkkwari Jjimdak Lunchbox’ is the product that actor Ryu Soo-young presented and ultimately won on the Pyeon Restaurant broadcast when the new product was launched. It consists of braised chicken, assorted pancakes, raw radish vegetables, spinach greens, white rice, and fried eggs, creating a rich holiday atmosphere.

Additionally, the convenience store industry plans to keep sufficient stocks of safe medicines, etc., as pharmacies and banks are closed during the holidays. In fact, according to GS25 ‘s analysis of data from last year’s Chuseok holiday period compared to the same period the previous week, sales of safety medicines soared up to 141.9%, and ATM usage rate increased by 109.9%.

Hwang Ji-seon, head of the convenience food team at BGF Retail, said, “As convenience store shopping consumption culture becomes a trend, we expect the demand for holiday food to increase significantly.” “Convenience stores will become a purchasing channel where you can purchase cost-effective holiday food at reasonable prices,” he said.

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