“A natural beauty who is prettier than a celebrity”… Explosion of Chinese interest in North Korean athletes

The response is that the Chinese are drawing extraordinary attention to the North Korean athletes participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Local Chinese media, including Heo Shin-mang, reported on the 26th that Chinese people are showing interest in the sight of North Korean athletes participating in the Asian Games visiting Xihu, a famous tourist destination. In addition, the reactions of Chinese people who witnessed North Korean athletes were also reported.

It was reported that the North Korean athletes’ first visit took place on the 24th. One Chinese netizen said on his social network service ( SNS ), “I met players from many countries in Xihu, but the North Korean players caught my eye the most.” “The female players looked simple, wearing white shirts and beige pants and carrying bags. “He said.

He then posted a photo of the North Korean athlete he had taken, saying, “The outfit was plain and neat, but I felt confident in his confident yet humble appearance.”

On the 26th, the hashtag once ranked No. 1 in real-time search terms on Baidu, China’s largest portal site.

Other netizens who saw this responded, “The clothes she is wearing are Chinese 1990s style, but she looks simple and her expression is bright” or “She is a natural beauty who is prettier than any other Chinese celebrity.” Separately, there is an opinion that the Chinese may have expressed solidarity in the international situation where North Korea, China, and Russia are closely aligned in opposition to the close relationship between South Korea, the United States, and Japan.

North Korea was very closed and had little interaction with other countries. Even when COVID-19 spread, borders were quickly closed. Local media outlets analyzed that Chinese people, who did not have many opportunities to meet North Koreans, were paying attention to North Korean players who appeared outside the stadium.

According to the Asian Games Organizing메이저놀이터 Committee information site, North Korea dispatched 185 athletes in 18 sports to the Asian Games. At the opening ceremony of the Asian Games held on the 23rd, the Chinese enthusiastically welcomed the North Korean athletes with loud cheers and applause as they entered.

Meanwhile, North Korea won three silver medals and two bronze medals in five sports, including soccer, table tennis, artistic gymnastics, judo, and boxing, held until the 26th.

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