Arrest warrant for Kim Yong-ho, who stole hundreds of millions of dollars by threatening celebrities with “I will expose”

The police applied for an arrest warrant for YouTuber Kim Yong-ho (49) on charges of extorting money from celebrities in exchange for not exposing their weaknesses.

According to the legal community on the 26th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Violent Crime Investigation Unit recently applied to the prosecution for an arrest warrant for Kim Yong-ho on charges of blackmail.

Since August 2020, Kim Yong-ho is accused of threatening to reveal negative content to multiple celebrities on his YouTube channel, then covering it up and receiving financial compensation레고토토. The amount of money he received from victims was found to be hundreds of millions of won.

The police searched and seized Kim Yong-ho’s home and office in October of last year, secured data related to the case, and then summoned and interrogated Mr. Kim twice in June and July of last year.

Kim Yong-ho ran the celebrity expose YouTube channel ‘Kim Yong-ho Entertainment Director’. He also appeared on the famous YouTube channel ‘Horizontal Vertical Research Institute’ run by lawyers Se-eui Kim and Yong-seok Kang.

Kim Yong-ho was accused of defamation against broadcaster Park Soo-hong, actor Han Ye-seul, and singer Kim Gun-mo’s ex-wife, leading to a legal battle.

Meanwhile, Kim Yong-ho was sentenced to one year in prison at the final trial on charges of forcible harassment held on the 25th of last month at the 4th criminal trial of the Eastern Branch of the Busan District Court. He is accused of physically molesting the victim at a meat restaurant in Haeundae-gu, Busan on July 26, 2019, even though the victim refused. Kim Yong-ho is known to claim that there was no coercion at the time.

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