“Be proud of your bumpy belly”… Female models show off their belly fat

“Each person is great just the way they are.”

The ‘Victoria’s Secret’ fashion show where slender models walk the runway in underwear and wearing large angel wings.

American lingerie company Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show was popular between 1995 and 2018 for its spectacular stages that even included pop star performances. Many models, including Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, and Miranda Kerr, were loved as ‘Victoria’s Secret Angels.’

However, as criticism was raised that it sexualized women and promoted the prejudice that thin bodies are beautiful, viewership ratings and sales plummeted, and it was eventually abolished at the end of 2018.

The identity of the female model with angel wings who ‘proudly shows off her belly fat’

Victoria’s Secret models returned in a documentary after 5 years.

On the 27th (Korean time), CNN reported that the documentary ‘The Tour 23’ was released for the first time on Amazon Prime Video.

This documentary features collections presented by independent designers in four cities, including Lagos, Nigeria, Tokyo, Japan, Bogota, Colombia, and London, England.

Former Victoria’s Secret models Naomi Campbell and Adriana Lima will also appear, but prior to the showcase, 20 creators and artists, including female designers, film directors, and dancers from around the world, will appear.

In particular, the lingerie design of designer Michaela Starck, who presented the lingerie collection, rather accentuates belly fat.

Stark posted a photo of a plus-size model on her social media and said, “I wanted to prove that an angel can represent all women,” and added, “Having the opportunity to break down the roots of my childhood anxiety and body dysmorphia was great.” “It was a bit emotional,” he said.

British woman enters beauty pageant with ‘raw face’

Women’s efforts to show their appearance as they are are continuing.

There is also a woman who entered a British beauty pageant without makeup to spread the message that she is ‘wonderful just as she is.’

Elle Celine, 31, who competed in the British beauty pageant ‘Miss Great Britain’, said in her BBC interview that she “had to learn to accept myself as I am.”

Celine said she hopes “there will be women out there who feel like I am good enough for who I am,” and that she hopes her pageant entry will inspire the next generation as well.

Beauty pageants, which have been criticized by women for reasons such as the commercialization of sex, the imposition of standardized beauty standards, and the imposition of a passive feminine image, have recently disappeared.

In Korea, the ‘Miss Korea Contest’, which has been hosted since 1957, has attracted controversy every time it has been held.

Contests that rank women based on their body and appearance are inherently sexist. This is not just a problem for Miss Korea.

In the early 2000s, there were about 100 ‘lady contests’ held by local governments with budget in the name of promoting the region and local specialties.

58.4% of women “Beauty contests, commercialization of sex… “It must be abolished”

More than half of the public supports the abolition of안전놀이터 beauty pageants due to the commercialization of sex. In particular, women’s voices for abolition were loud.

According to the results of a recent survey by Realmeter, a public opinion polling agency, 49.4% of respondents said, ‘It is desirable to abolish it because it promotes lookism and commercializes women’s sexuality.’

On the other hand, 33.8% of respondents said, ‘It is desirable to maintain it because it increases women’s dignity by creating aesthetic value.’

The public opinion for ‘abolition’ is 15.6 percentage points (p) higher than for ‘maintenance’. The ‘don’t know/no response’ response was 16.8%.

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