Bear’ attacked my son’s birthday table… A brave mother who kept her eyes closed

My son’s 15th birthday party held in a park in Mexico. But then an uninvited guest appeared. A large black bear

appears from nowhere and eats all the food on the table. The mother holds her son tightly, blindfolds her and remains calm.

This video was reportedly filmed at an ecological park in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, on the 25th.

Silvia Machias went on a picnic to the park with her friend Angela Chapa to celebrate her son Santiago’s birthday.

The moment she sat down at the table and started taking out the food she had brought, a problematic situation occurred. The bear came up to the table and started eating french fries, enchiladas (Mexican food baked with meat, seafood, cheese, etc. between tortillas), and tacos.

A bear enjoying a leisurely dinner right in front of you. Ms Machias said she believed she should avoid any behavior that might be considered a ‘challenge’ to the bear. He covered레고토토 his son’s eyes with one hand and wrapped his son’s shoulders with the other, then lowered his eyes and stopped still.

How much time has passed? After finishing his meal, the bear wandered around on the table and after a while, he leisurely disappeared into the forest. She followed the enchilada that her friend Angela had thrown away as an inducement. In an interview with the Associated

Press , Mr. Machias said, “We were so close that the sound and smell of the bear eating food were strong enough to be felt,” and “I was most concerned that my son, who is usually afraid of animals, might become scared.” He said. The park is said to be part of the black bear’s natural habitat. The park warned visitors that encounters with black bears have been increasing recently and that they should not engage in dangerous activities such as taking pictures up close.

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