Lee Jae-myung, who avoided arrest, still faces judicial risks… Up to 3 times a week

The prosecution requested an arrest warrant for Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, on suspicion of Baekhyeon-dong development corruption and remittances to North Korea, but ultimately failed to secure a new arrest warrant. As the reasons for the arrest claimed by the prosecution were refuted point by point in the court, Representative Lee gained momentum to claim political oppression.

However, Representative Lee’s judicial risk is still large. The trial schedule continues from October, when the holidays end. As it is certain that the prosecution will indict Baekhyeon-dong and the suspicion of sending money to North Korea, it is highly likely that Representative Lee will appear at trial up to three times a week.

Wirye-Daejang-dong trial begins on October 6th… Election law hearing resumes on the 13th

According to the legal community on the 30th, CEO Lee Jae-myung was indicted for ‘violation of the Public Official Election Act’ for making false statements during the last presidential election (Seoul Central District Court Criminal Agreement Part 34) and Wirye-Daejang-dong trial for breach of trust (Seoul Central District Court Criminal Agreement). Part 33) is attending.

As Representative Lee went on a 24-day hunger strike, both trials suffered setbacks, including the postponement of the scheduled dates. However, with Representative Lee ending his hunger strike, the trials will begin again in October.

The first hearing of the Wirye-Daejang-dong trial will be held on October 6. A week later, on October 13, the trial for violating the Public Official Election Act will resume. This means attending court for two consecutive weeks, and the trial is likely to last all day, making it virtually impossible to attend court on the same day.

In particular, in the case of the Wirye and Daejang-dong trials, the court announced early on that it would hold trials twice a week. At the time, the court said, “As the case is special, we must consider holding the proceedings twice a week,” and in response to the defense’s appeal over workload, “We will proceed in such a way as to obtain permission in advance or (Representative Lee) appear at the trial and leave first.” He nailed it.

Baekhyeon-dong, if indicted for sending money to North Korea, there is a possibility of being dispatched up to three times a week

Baekhyeon-dong and the suspicion of sending money to North Korea are also expected to further aggravate Representative Lee’s judicial risk.

The prosecution, which failed to secure a new arrest warrant for Representative Lee, is highly likely to indict Representative Lee in the near future without requesting a second arrest warrant. Prosecutors suspect that CEO Lee committed a breach of trust of 20 billion won during the Baekhyeon-dong메이저사이트 development process and was deeply involved in Ssangbangwool’s remittance process to North Korea, receiving a bribe worth 8 million dollars.

If the prosecution indicts, Representative Lee will be required to attend three trials at the Seoul Central District Court alone, including the two trials currently in progress. Although the schedule is somewhat flexible at the discretion of the court, Representative Lee may appear in court up to three times a week.

The outcome of the trial of Representative Lee’s associates, who are about to be sentenced, may also act as a political burden for Representative Lee. Kim Yong, former vice president of the Democratic Institute for Democracy, will be sentenced on November 30, after being handed over to trial on charges of receiving illegal campaign funds and bribes from a developer in Daejeon-dong.

Although his connection with CEO Lee has not been revealed to the surface, he is attracting attention as he is classified as a close associate who has been with him through ups and downs for nearly 20 years since his days as a lawyer. The prosecution requested 12 years in prison for former Vice Director Kim.

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