Tens of thousands of garbage bags ‘the size of 73 soccer fields’ were searched… what’s happening in hangzhou

Volunteers in Hangzhou, China, where the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games are being held, have accomplished what seemed like the impossible. According to the Hangzhou Asian Games official SNS and Indian media Times Now World ( TNW

) on the 26th (local time), Liu Tian-yi (12), a member of the Hong Kong chess team, lost his cell phone at the opening ceremony of the Asian Games held at the Hangzhou Sports Center on the 24th. . Liu Tenyi was so excited about participating in his first large-scale international competition that he didn’t even know he had lost his phone. It was only during the opening ceremony that he realized he had lost his phone. He said he last used his phone at dinner on the opening night, and later recalled that he thought he had put it in his bag, but he thought it had been thrown away in the trash. But to make matters worse, the cell phone was turned off , so it could not be found by ringing or GPS location tracking. In the end, the only way to find the cell phone was to sift through tens of thousands of garbage bags disposed of메이저사이트 at the sports center. After receiving the call, the volunteer team immediately began opening the garbage bags containing food waste and various sewage one by one.

The search continued all night, and fortunately, the cell phone was found in a trash bag less than 20 hours later.

TNW reported, “At around 3 p.m. on the 25th (the day after the loss), volunteers contacted Hong Kong national team officials and reported that they had found the cell phone.”

The organizing committee shared this story through its official SNS along with a photo of dozens of volunteers rummaging through trash cans.

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