You can die now. Even though he is chased by two runs, he steals the most bases. First of all, the merit of confirming the ranking. Title Challenge as much as you want 

 Among the 10 teams, the first team whose ranking was confirmed was born. Surprisingly, LG Twins, ranked first, was the first to confirm the ranking.

The rest, from 2nd place KT Wiz to 10th place Kiwoom Heroes, have not yet been confirmed. The elimination of 8th place Hanwha, 9th place Samsung, and 10th place Kiwoom from the semifinals is confirmed, but the rankings of these three teams are not yet confirmed. Kiwoom Heroes, ranked 10th with only 4 games left, is also 3 games behind Samsung Lions, who are ranked 9th, so if Samsung falls on a losing streak, there is a possibility that they will fall to last place.

LG now has 9 games left, and even if they lose all 9 games, their championship will remain the same, so they can play regardless of whether they win or lose. In other words, there is no need to use the main players to win.

Players who are unwell may not play in the game for treatment, and instead, players who have had little opportunity to play may play.

Athletes with titles at stake can comfortably challenge their personal records. LG has players challenging for the title.

Hong Chang-gi is ranked first in메이저사이트 on-base percentage (0.448) and first in runs scored. His batting average is in 4th place at .303.5, which is different from 1st place NC Son Ah-seop (0.349), but it is still too early to give up. Hong Chang-ki ranks third with the most hits with 168.

Austin Dean ranks second with 92 RBIs, following Hanwha Eagles’ Noh Si-hwan (99 RBIs). Since Noh Si-hwan is competing in the Hangzhou Asian Games, now is an opportunity to close the gap and aim for a comeback.

If Hong Chang-ki continues to play as a top hitter like he is now and continues to get on base, and Austin calls him home, Hong Chang-gi can score runs and Austin can score RBIs, so it seems like they can create a synergy effect.

Shin Min-jae is in first place with 35 stolen bases. But a strong challenger appeared. Doosan Bears Jeong Soo-bin added two stolen bases against Kiwoom on the 3rd, narrowing the gap to 33 to just two. Now, Shin Min-jae cannot rest assured that he will be the stolen base king.

LG has 9 games left and Doosan has 10 games left. However, Shin Min-jae can now play as long as he gets on base. He can be seen as having a bit more of an advantage over Soo-bin Jeong because he can only play for the title, even if his team loses.

How many individual titles can LG take home? It is clear that a quick confirmation of the regular league championship will be helpful.

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