“It’s in the best condition.” Will we be able to see LAL’s ‘Super Seagull’ mode, which eliminates its weaknesses?

Davis worked on better shooting ability. 

The LA Lakers are accelerating preparations for the season by opening a training camp starting on the 3rd (Korean time). 

The Lakers entered the conference finals with a dramatic turnaround last season. With the momentum, they succeeded in making substantial reinforcements in the transfer market, raising expectations for the coming season.

Entering training camp, the Lakers prepared for the season by experimenting with various lineups. The most interesting player is Anthony Davis, who forms a one-two punch with LeBron James.

Davis, who had a difficult time after the championship season due to injuries, had a relatively healthy time last season and had a tremendous impact on offense and defense, averaging 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 2.0 blocks. It was a season where Davis once again made it known that he was the league’s top big man.

The Lakers, who believed in Davis’ successful resurgence, signed a huge three-year contract worth $186 million with him. LeBron, who heard the news of Davis’ extension contract, expressed his joy, saying, “Anthony Davis is the face of the franchise. I was really happy to hear the news of his extension contract, and I hope we can do great things in the future.” 

However, there were some disappointments for Davis last season. His shooting ability, which was one of his strengths, did not recover even last season. Davis has shot only 23.8% from 3-point range over the past three years, and has continued to fall short in the shooting department since the 2019-2020 playoffs. If he survives the shooting, it becomes more difficult for the opponent to block Davis.

Knowing this, Davis devoted himself to shooting practice all summer. He said that he worked hard to return to being a three-level scorer who is good at scoring from inside, midrange, and the 3-point line.

‘The Athletic’ reported, “There is talk that Anthony Davis, whose 3-point shooting ability has deteriorated레고토토 after showing the highest shooting efficiency of his career in the 2019-2020 season playoffs, is maintaining his best condition as he enters training camp.”

Davis, who appeared at the club’s media day on the 3rd, was asked about this and responded, “I’ve been shooting a lot more jump shots this summer, including shooting from different points and angles outside of the zone I’m used to, to get that aspect of my offensive repertoire back.” .

If Davis improves his shooting ability, the Lakers will be able to diversify their offense and come up with a variety of lineups. Davis, who prefers to play as a power forward rather than a center, may play in a two-big lineup more often.

Besides shooting, another goal for Davis is to play in as many games as possible without missing a game. The Lakers will be able to participate in the top race from the beginning of the season if Davis, the core of the offense and defense, takes center stage. Davis also emphasized that his goal is to play in all 82 games.

What will Davis, who received the great gift of an extension contract, show this season? The Lakers begin their preseason schedule starting with the game against Golden State on the 8th.

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