“The park scenery in broad daylight, which is prettier?” Samsung Galaxy S23 vs iPhone 15, who is the best phone?

“Iphone is the best for photos?”

After Apple launched its new smartphone ‘iPhone 15′ series, comparisons with Samsung Electronics’ ‘Galaxy S23’ series are in full swing, and overseas IT tipsters are attracting attention by posting photos taken with the best phones of both companies side by side.

IT tipster Ice Universe showed photos taken outdoors in the middle of the day with Samsung Electronics’ ‘Galaxy S23 Ultra’ and Apple’s ‘iPhone 15 Pro Max’ on his Weibo . These are all the highest priced premium phones representing each company.

The photo taken against the background of sunny weather showed a blue sky, a forest of trees, and people gathered around a green lawn. Although it was taken from the same angle, Ice Universe expressed a disappointing opinion about the photo taken with the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

He wrote on Weibo, “I filmed a clear sky with my iPhone, but it turned out dark. Does it look good? “It doesn’t look good,” he commented. In fact, if you look at the photos taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the overall colors are bright and bright, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max photos show tree branches and grass relatively dark and

blurry .

Previously, the Galaxy S23 Ultra attracted attention as it was equipped with a 200-megapixel main camera for the first time in Samsung mobile phone history. The night photography function (nitography), which was improved over the previous version, was also considered its greatest strength.

The zoom performance that allows you to take clear pictures of subjects even from a distance스포츠토토 also supported the popularity of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Recently, a video that clearly captured singer Taylor Swift using the ‘Space Zoom’ function of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which can magnify up to 100 times, became a hot topic online .

The iPhone 15 series has undergone a transformation by replacing the charging terminal with a USB-C type, but it is pointed out that there is no significant improvement in camera performance. Sam Mobile, an IT media outlet, evaluated that the iPhone 15 did not surpass the Galaxy S23 series in terms of camera performance.

Although it is evaluated as being the first to support Mera and has achieved upgrades in various areas, American IT media Sam Mobile pointed out that Apple iPhone 15 still lost the opportunity to compete with Samsung Galaxy’s telephoto zoom camera.

Samsung Electronics has significantly improved zoom performance by adopting a periscope camera module that supports 10x optical zoom from the Galaxy S21 Ultra to the Galaxy S23 Ultra in 2021. The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s telephoto zoom camera is evaluated as falling short of the Galaxy’s with 12 million pixel resolution and 5x optical zoom.

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