“The smoothie is full of plastic pieces… “I had intestinal bleeding and ended up miscarrying.”

There is controversy after a consumer reported that a smoothie drink ordered from a franchise cafe contained large amounts of plastic pieces.

The story, which was posted on the online community Natepan on the 3rd, spread to several community sites on the 5th and attracted attention. The post was accompanied by a photo of the drink the informant drank and a piece of plastic said to have come from the drink, which added to its credibility, and the controversy quickly grew. The original post has now been deleted.

Informant A, who introduced herself as a pregnant woman in the very early stages of pregnancy and a mother of one child living in Jochiwon, Sejong City, suffered intestinal bleeding after swallowing plastic pieces mixed in a chocolate chip smoothie drink she recently ordered from a franchise cafe, and is undergoing treatment. She confessed that her unborn baby even miscarried.

Mr. A said, “If the head office sends you chunky chocolate chip powder, (at the store) they will break it down into single servings in transparent plastic containers and store them frozen.” He added, “The branch in question was busy with a lot of orders at the time, so they kept the plastic containers as is.” They said they mixed it and made a drink. She checked the drink and found it had a lot of plastic in it, to the point where she said it was ‘half drink and half plastic,'” she explained.

He said, “This ridiculous thing happened, and the owner’s response afterwards made even less sense,” adding, “When an acquaintance called and asked, ‘What kind of plastic was used?’ (the store owner) said he would go to the emergency room, too. “When he came to the emergency room, he only verbally apologized and said nonsense such as ‘It’s plastic so it’s easy to digest’ and ‘There’s no way plastic could go down your throat.’”

He continued, “(The store owner) started running the store from the next morning, even though he sent text messages saying things like ‘My hands are shaking’ and ‘I couldn’t sleep all night.’” “He said shamelessly, ‘Shouldn’t I live?’” he added.

Ms. A said, “My husband and I (who drank the drink together) received a doctor’s opinion that our gums, throat, esophagus, and organs all seemed to have been scratched, which led to intestinal bleeding,” and added, “I was in the very early stages of pregnancy during the treatment process and eventually suffered a miscarriage. It was judged that it seemed to be working. Since then, my husband and I have been unable to work properly and have been living with neck and stomach pain every day. “I can’t even take medicine properly and I have to endure the pain,” he complained.

The store owner offered a settlement of 500,000 won, including treatment costs and consolation money. Then, he gave the same smoothie to Mr. A, an acquaintance who visited the store, and said, “Try it. It is said that he reacted as if he could not believe Mr. A’s claim, saying, “How can chocolate chips and plastic be confused, and how can a piece go down the throat?”

When Mr. A complained to the head office, the head office said, “We acknowledge that it is a serious situation,” but added, “It was the store owner’s mistake and토토사이트 it happened due to carelessness, so all (head office) can do is help communicate with the store owner. Please resolve it with the store owner.” It is said that the answer came back.

Mr. A said, “I spoke to the store owner again, but there were only lies, self-consolation, and excuses.” He added, “He said he was sorry in words, but in front of me, who was losing my life through hardship because of him, he said, ‘I am a pitiful person. They deceived me with nonsense saying, ‘If you help poor people, you will be blessed.’ “In the midst of all this, they said I was misinterpreting what they heard, and they blamed it on me and my acquaintance, saying they were misrepresenting it,” he said angrily.

Mr. A further reported that when the incident became public, the headquarters announced that it would deprive the store owner of his business rights and take strong action. He predicted a strong response, saying, “It makes no sense for the headquarters to put all responsibility on the store owner and finally stand on our side, nor to end this situation by covering the medical expenses with the store owner’s insurance and abandoning the store owner.”

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