“Sister, it’s been a while” report stagnation… ‘Visible 112’ incarcerated minor found

” “Sister, it’s been a while. Where are you going?” “
On July 21st, the Jeju Police Agency received a 112 report with this content. The police officer who received the call had a hunch. This reporter is in a situation where he cannot tell the details of the report over the phone. The police sent the reporter a link to an internet site address ( URL ) where he could access ‘Visible 112’. Afterwards, the on-site situation transmitted through the reporter’s cell phone camera was checked to confirm the suspect’s appearance and clothing, and the reporter’s location was also determined. Police officers who responded to the scene arrested the suspect who threatened and detained the reporter, who was a minor.

According to data submitted by the National Police Agency on the 6th to the office of People Power Party lawmaker Jeong Woo-taek, a member of the National Assembly Public Administration and Security Committee, the number of cases processed from January last year, when ‘Visible 112’ was introduced, to last month was about 32,000. In the first year of introduction alone, 21,517 cases were processed through ‘Visible 112’. This year, 11,226 cases were received by the end of September.

‘Visible 112’ was developed to enable response in situations such as domestic violence, dating violence, and sexual crimes where the perpetrator is in front of the offender and cannot state the exact details of the report. When the reporter dials 112 and taps the ‘knock knock’ number button, the police sends a text message to the reporter with a link to access 112. Clicking on this link transmits the scene situation to the police through the reporter’s cell phone camera. The police explain that the reporter’s location can be confirmed more quickly and accurately by using the satellite positioning system ( GPS ) built into the mobile phone rather than the location-based service ( LBS ) that goes through a telecommunications company . A ‘secret chat’ function is also provided so that third parties cannot detect 112 reports. This is a method of setting the chat window to the search engine ‘Google’ web screen and talking with the situation agent through the search term input box. Anything written by the reporter in the input box or the response of the dispatcher automatically disappears in 3 seconds. ‘Visible 112’ was initially developed to be used to report dating violence and sex crimes메이저사이트, but its scope of use has recently expanded to include home invasions, injuries, and theft. On July 21, the Gyeongbuk Police Agency received a call from a woman who hid after being assaulted by her boyfriend, and immediately switched to ‘Visible 112’ and arrested the assailant. ‘Visible 112’ is also often used when witnesses who are not victims of a crime report it. On July 5, the Gyeongnam Police Agency received a report that “a person was trying to make an extreme choice on the railing on the 10th floor of an apartment building,” and after assessing the situation on site through a video call, they installed a ladder truck and an air mat to rescue the person who attempted suicide. .

The police are requesting an annual budget expansion for the smooth operation of the 112 reporting system, including ‘Visible 112’, which is directly related to public safety. However, the actual budget has been decreasing over the past five years. The budget for the 112 system project in 2020 was 27.957 billion won, but last year, when ‘Visible 112’ was first introduced, the budget was set at 25.092 billion won, a 10% decrease from 2020. The budget size decreased by 19% and 30% this year (22.613 billion won) and next year (19.521 billion won), respectively.

Rep. Jeong Woo-taek said, “Through ‘Visible 112,’ the ability to quickly apprehend criminals and basic public security has been expanded. The 112 system must be able to secure sufficient budget as uninterrupted service is essential for public safety.”

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