‘Yeouido Bicycle Road’ clogged with illegal parking

“It was absurd that the bike lane in Yeouido was neglected like a parking lot.” (Mr. A, an office worker in his 20s)

JTBC reporters toured the bike lane located in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on Sunday the 1st. It was installed on one side of the automobile road, separated from the pedestrian path, but the bicycle lane could not be used due to illegally parked vehicles.

The situation was similar in most of the bike lane areas in Yeouido, including National Assembly-daero 76-gil, National Assembly-daero 76-ga-gil, Yeoui-daero, and Yeouinaru-ro, which the reporters visited on this day. Parking in bicycle lanes is allowed in some sections on weekends and public holidays, but the boundaries are vague and virtually all bicycle lanes are occupied by vehicles.

As of Seoul, the fine for illegally parking in a bicycle lane is 50,000 won for passenger cars, 60,000 won for vans, and 40,000 won for two-wheeled vehicles. With closed-circuit ( CC ) TVs installed on bicycle lanes, regular vehicles are subject to crackdown as soon as they enter the bicycle lane. In the case of citizen reporting, if illegal parking in a bicycle lane exceeds 1 minute, a fine will be imposed.

However, because CCTV was not installed in all bicycle lanes, illegal parking continued like this.

Mr. A, an office worker in his 20s who visited Yeouido Park to ride a bicycle on the weekend, said, “I visited Yeouido with the intention of riding leisurely on the bicycle path, but I was embarrassed to see that the bicycle path was blocked by illegally parked cars. I rode quickly to a place that wasn’t there.” “It’s true that I’m scared that there will be an accident if I suddenly encounter a vehicle.”

Mr. A, an office worker, said, “It’s practically being neglected like a parking lot, but I don’t know if they’re cracking down on it. If that’s the case, I wonder why a separate bicycle path was created.”

The reporters visited Yeouido again on Friday, the 6th, to find out what the road bike path conditions were like on days other than Saturdays and Sundays. Illegal parking was somewhat reduced compared to Sunday, but vehicles could still be se

In particular, there were many taxis stopped to pick up customers. When reporters inquired about the subject of the crackdown, taxi driver B explained, “I stopped briefly to go to the bathroom at a gas station. I will move the vehicle quickly.”

Delivery vehicles and two-wheeled레고토토vehicles were also seen using bicycle lanes as parking lots for deliveries or deliveries. In this situation, a citizen with a bicycle was unable to find an available dedicated lane and was moving his bicycle using a pedestrian path. An official from Yeongdeungpo-gu Office explained,

“There are many complaints about illegal parking in bicycle lanes, so we are cracking down as much as possible in real time. However, there are cases where CCTV is not installed, so there are limits to cracking down (on illegal parking) right away.”

en blocking bicycle traffic in many places.

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