‘Lawn’, the symbol of New York’s Central Park… Suddenly closed until April next year, why?

The Great Lawn, one of the most popular places in Central Park in New York, USA, has been closed until April next year due to the aftereffects of large-scale performances .

On the 4th local time, the New York Times reported that access to Central Park’s Great Lawn was banned until April of next year.

Central Park closes the Great Lawn every year from mid-November for lawn maintenance, but this year it was moved up by at least six weeks.

According to a New York Times report, this was found to be due to damage to the lawn that occurred during the ‘Global Citizen Festival’ held last month. Jungkook of the group BTS안전놀이터

appeared at this performance held at Central Park on the 23rd of last month and became a hot topic.

The performance attracted 30,000 spectators. Although the number of spectators gathered every year was only half, it was reported that one-third of the 48,000㎡ lawn was completely damaged due to heavy rain on the day of the performance.

The Central Park Conservancy said, “We are heartbroken that the Great Lawn, which has suffered extensive damage, will be closed for the time being and New Yorkers will not be able to enjoy the park this fall.”

The New York City Parks Department and conservation groups are trying to determine the exact level of damage for recovery, and local city council members have estimated the cost to be about $1 million

In addition, the Global Citizen Festival said, “We will work with the management association to accurately determine the extent of the damage and cover repair costs.”

Meanwhile, the Great Lawn has had many instances of grass damage in the past due to large-scale events.

In 1995, after 120,000 people attended the mass of former Pope John Paul II, the Great Lawn was closed for two years due to lawn damage, and Central Park has since banned the hosting of large events with more than 60,000 people.


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