‘Real version of The Glory’ Pyo Ye-rim makes an ‘extreme choice’… “I’m not confident I can overcome it.”

Pyo Ye-rim (27), a real-life version of The Glory who reported school violence after being a victim of school violence for 12 years, ultimately died from an extreme decision.

According to the Busan Ilbo on the 10th, at 12:57 p.m. on this day, the police and fire department received a report that a woman had fallen into Seongjigok Reservoir in Choeup-dong, Busanjin-gu.

Police and fire departments found the woman at around 4:20 p.m. while searching underwater for the jumping site and took her to the hospital, but she died of cardiac arrest. After the police and fire department checked the identity, it was confirmed that the woman who fell into the Seongjigok Reservoir was Pyo.

Previously, Pyo posted a video on YouTube hinting at her extreme choice.

Mr. Pyo said, “I am one of those who suffered from school violence in elementary, middle, and high school for the past 12 years.” He added, “A YouTube channel is sniping at me and making personal attacks and so-called false accusations in multiple anonymous ways. Moreover, it has gone too far and my school is being harassed.” “I claim that violence is a lie,” he said.

He continued, “I no longer have the안전놀이터 confidence to endure and overcome the pain. There is nothing left to continue living,” and added, “Please do not give up on my case.”

Previously, in April, Mr. Pyo attempted an extreme decision after complaining of mental pain due to the ‘secondary perpetrator’ of school violence.

Mr. Pyo also received a certificate of content warning from those identified as perpetrators of school violence that they would initiate legal proceedings for defamation, etc.

Ms. Pyo appeared on a current affairs entertainment program last March and became the center of the issue of school violence when she opened up about her past. He claimed that he had been subjected to school violence by his friends for 12 years, and that in the past, the perpetrators had kicked him in the stomach, dragged him to the bathroom, and even forced his head into the toilet.

Pyo, who runs a one-person beauty salon in Yeonje-gu, Busan, filed a national petition last April to request the abolition of provisions that could be advantageously applied to perpetrators of school violence, such as the statute of limitations on school violence and defamation when facts are stated.

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