‘Kim Min-jae also exists in karting’ FIA international competition, youngest first champion

“There is Kim Min-jae not only in soccer. There is also a young Kim Min-jae who promoted national prestige in car racing.”

A domestic 4th grade elementary school athlete became the youngest kart champion in an official FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) international competition. This is the first time that a Korean athlete has won a gold메이저사이트 medal in an official FIA international competition.

Kim Min-jae (10, Shim Seok-cho) of Horse Racing participated in the Asia Perth Peak Motorsports Championship held in Sepang, Malaysia on the 1st and won the championship in the KART Sprint Race Cadet Class (8 to 12 years old). With Kim Min-jae’s gold medal, South Korea ranked 4th in the national record of this competition.

This competition is hosted by the FIA’s Asia-Pacific Region. 171 top-ranking athletes selected from APNs from 18 countries will participate in five sports (eSport, AutoGymkhana, Karting, KartingSlalom, and RallyTrial) to determine the Asia Pacific champion in each event. The final winning country is determined based on ranking.

Minjae Kim suffered a finger injury in an accident in which a rear-end vehicle climbed onto the steering wheel during the ROTAX ASIA Trophy match held at BIRA Stadium in Thailand a week before the start of this match. Despite these adverse circumstances, the team competed fiercely against physically superior 11- and 12-year-old players in four preliminaries over two days, and advanced to the finals by placing third in the final preliminaries.

In the final, which lasted for a total of 12 laps, he started steadily by maintaining 3rd place, but raised his pitch from the second half of the race, beating 3rd place in the last lap and moving up to 2nd place. It is said that the fierce battle to close the gap of 0.14 seconds with the first place at the time drew cheers from the audience.

Minjae Kim said, “My fingers hurt from contact with another player’s car during the start race, but I did my best to compete. In the second half of the race, I was not swayed by the competition between other cars and focused on crossing the finish line with the fastest record line.”

Kim Min-jae entered kart racing about two years ago after being noticed by Yoo Kyeong-sa, coach of Ilane Motorsports, a Korean formula team, and encouraged by him. His horse racing team is the main team at the Belforet International Moto Arena circuit within Jeungpyeong Blackstone Belforet (a circuit capable of competing at the highest level of international competition).

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