Democratic Party Jin Kyo-hoon elected as head of Gangseo-gu… Easy win by 17.15%p gap 

In the by-election for the mayor of Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Jin Kyo-hoon, the Democratic Party candidate, was elected, defeating the People Power Party candidate with a double-digit gap of 17 percentage points (p).

According to the National Election Commission on the 12th, when 100% of the votes were counted, candidate Jin recorded 56.52% of the votes (137,066 votes) and People Power Party candidate Kim Tae-woo recorded 39.37% (95,492 votes). .

Candidate Jin received the majority of the votes out of 243,664 votes, ahead of candidate Kim by 17.15% points.

As a result, the Democratic Party achieved victory in the Seoul local government by-election held six months before the general election. Although it was a region with a traditional advantage, both the ruling and opposition parties fought tooth and nail and the result was an easy victory for the opposition party.

The voter turnout for this by-election was provisionally calculated to be 48.7%.

Candidate Jin said, “This election is a victory메이저사이트 of common sense, a victory of principles, and a great victory for the people of Gangseo-gu,” and added, “I will save every minute and every second to normalize the district administration to fill the gap.”

Candidate Kim said in a statement, “I am sorry for not being able to respond to the support of those who supported me. I would like to congratulate candidate Jin Kyo-hoon and ask him to take good care of the people’s livelihood for the development of Gangseo-gu,” and lost the election. admitted.

Candidate Jin, who is from Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, graduated from the National Police University and served as the head of the information management department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, the head of the information bureau of the National Police Agency, the commissioner of the Jeollabuk-do Provincial Police Agency, and the deputy chief of the National Police Agency.

This election was held after Candidate Kim, as a member of the Blue House’s special inspection team during the Moon Jae-in administration, exposed suspicions about the special investigation team’s obstruction of an inspection, but was found guilty by the Supreme Court last May and lost his position as district mayor.

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