“If you’re that scared, why do you go outside?”… A video on how to prevent mishaps while traveling is met with controversy.

A method of using towels and hangers to make room doors unopenable is attracting attention on the Internet.

The New York Post reported that a ‘hotel safety tips’ video posted by an American woman reached 16 million views on TikTok. The tip he revealed is to use wet tissues, towels, hangers, etc. to block the external scope (a small lens that allows you to see outside the door) and to secure the doorknob and latch.

In the video, the woman first hangs a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the outside, locks the door, and메이저사이트 blocks the external scope with a wet tissue.

Then, place a small towel on the latch and hang the iron stand on the door.

Next, roll up a medium-sized towel and place it behind the doorknob along with the hanger, and connect the latch and the doorknob by inserting the hanger clamp into the towel on the latch.

In the comments on the video, there was a lot of criticism, saying, “If you’re that scared, why do you go out?” and “If it’s a hotel that has to be this bad, I just won’t go.” In response to the criticism, there were also replies saying, ‘There’s nothing wrong with being careful,’ and ‘It can happen anywhere.’

Some netizens also raised concerns that evacuation in an emergency would be difficult, asking, ‘What if a fire breaks out?’

In the comments of the New York Post article, ‘I actually had the experience of someone trying to open the guest room door while I was sleeping. Many people received positive reviews for the method in the video, saying, “If I hadn’t fastened the latch and put the hanger in place, it would have been broken in.”

In Korea, there was controversy last August when a male employee opened the room of a female guest in her 20s who was showering at a five-star hotel and entered the room.

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