‘Mother’s Taste’ 8,000 won homemade sikhye… It turns out that it is factory sikhye that costs 4,000 won without packaging.

Suspicion has been raised that ‘handmade sikhye’ sold at a store for 8,000 won is a factory product priced at 4,000 won.

Recently, an article was posted on an online community with the title, ‘A company that sells factory sikhye but deceives that it is handmade sikhye. Is this true?’

Writer A said, “I often bought homemade sikhye from a fruit shop that could be delivered near my house, but when I looked at other people’s reviews, it was factory sikhye, not homemade,” and claimed, “I was caught because I sent the plastic bottle without removing the plastic packaging.” .

According to Mr. A, the price of 500ml sikhye, a ready-made product, was 4,000 won, but the store was selling it for 8,000 won메이저놀이터. The store introduced it as ‘Mother’s taste made in the old traditional way.’

Mr. A said, “They only removed the outer plastic and deceived the customers. An acquaintance said, ‘It’s like that these days. It was so sweet that it tasted like factory food, but I couldn’t tell because it was so delicious. “They said, ‘You really didn’t know?’” he said. “The store requested that the review of the delivery app be taken down without an apology.”

One netizen who saw this article said, “It’s creepy because the world is so small. This was already posted on another community, so I knew it right away when I saw it. “I used to work part-time here, and that’s new blood,” he commented.

He then claimed, “I put the spoon I used to make vegetables to my mouth and stir it again, and I rub the fruit with my dirty bare hands when it was delivered,” and “They tell me to urinate and spray water in the back warehouse because there is no bathroom, but that’s where I keep all the fruit containers and bread.” .

On the other hand, purchasing commercially available products and reselling them by claiming they are handmade can be considered fraud.

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