Smartphones are not being sold all over the world… Samsung Electronics’ slump

Reuters reported on the 16th (local time) that sales in the global smartphone market in the third quarter hit their lowest level in 10 years.

According to a recent report by market analysis firm Counterpoint Research, the global smartphone market fell 8% compared to the same period last year due to decreased demand for major brands such as Apple and Samsung Electronics in most developed countries.

Third quarter sales have continued to decline compared to the previous year for the past 10 consecutive years.

The market share of these and China’s top five brands, including Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo, also fell to the lowest in three years.

This report predicts that Samsung Electronics, which leads the global smartphone market with a market share of 20%, will see its sales this quarter decline by 13%, followed by Apple, which will also decline by 9%, leading to a decrease in future profits for these major companies.

In comparison, China’s Huawei, which launched the smartphone ‘Mate 60 Pro’ equipped with domestically produced advanced semiconductors early this year, despite strong sanctions from the United States, was found to have메이저놀이터 increased its market share.

Although it decreased compared to last year, it increased by 2% compared to the previous quarter, the second quarter, and the report expected that the fourth quarter could end the year-on-year decline that has continued for the past two years.

The report cited the iPhone 15 series, which began sales last month, as a major factor in the recovery in sales in developed markets such as the United States, Europe, and Korea, and predicted, “Momentum will continue until the end of the year when this product is launched in earnest.”

The report predicts that the Indian festival season, China’s Single’s Day, and year-end promotional activities in each region will also help the market recovery.

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