“Damn! I have to kill them all.” Riot at the police box… “Gasp” at the surprising ‘precision strike’ with a three-stage baton.

In front of Samgye Police Station in Changwon-si, Gyeongnam, after midnight on the 8th of last month.

A woman in her 70s wearing a pink top gets off a taxi and comes straight into the police box.

This is resident A, who regularly reported to the police that “the person next door is trying to harm him.”

The police visited several times following Mr. A’s report, but could not find anything unusual, but Mr. A reported it nearly 100 times.

[Sergeant Han Hyeong-dong/Masan Eastern Police Station, Gyeongnam]
“He is a habitual reporter. He lives in his own apartment, but the person next door keeps coming into his house and dispensing drugs…” Mr.

A, sitting at the police box, said, “I hope they will really solve it this time.” “I won’t leave until the time comes,” he swore at the police officer.

The police officer said that she felt that Mr. A was in an unusual mood that day.

[Sergeant Han Hyeong-dong/Masan Eastern Police Station, Gyeongnam]
“We tried to appease him as much as possible, but at the time, I felt a bit reluctant… he didn’t listen to what we said and kept doing that, so we thought it wouldn’t work, so we filmed the video.”

She sat for about 40 minutes, scratching her face, crossing her arms and lowering her head, appearing to be contemplating. Then, Ms. A suddenly seemed to have made up her mind and started looking for her things in her bag.

Mr. A, who had been rummaging through the receipts in her bag, suddenly grabbed something from her and peeled off the wrapping paper, and what came out from inside her was her weapon.

She is a woman who starts causing trouble at the police box with a knife.

[Sergeant Han Hyeong-dong/Masan Eastern Police Station, Gyeongsangnam-do]
“She took out a piece of food from a white bag and said메이저놀이터, ‘I’m going to kill them all now.’”

The police immediately drew their truncheons and surrounded her.

Ms. A keeps saying, “I’m going to kill them all,” and tries to take her weapon out of the police box, and the police officers who block her continue the standoff.

At that time, while Ms. A was looking away for a moment, a police officer struck her with his triple baton, causing her to drop the weapon.

Ms. A, who was startled by her, was helplessly suppressed on the spot.

[Sergeant Han Hyeong-dong/Masan Eastern Police Station, Gyeongsangnam-do]
“Because he is in his 70s, there is a risk of injury if I subdue him with force… I thought I should first get the weapon he was holding away from his body, so I took out a three-stage baton and lowered only the blade area. I hit it.”

The police arrested Ms. A, who tried to go on a rampage with a weapon, for violating the Punishment Act for her acts of violence, and determined that she was at high risk of self-harm, so she was admitted to a local hospital as an emergency.

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