‘Suddenly’ in an instant… Indian highway collapsed into no shape

On the 16th (local time), an accident occurred in Maharashtra, India, when a pillar of an overpass under construction collapsed. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but local citizens are criticizing the construction company’s poor construction and the authorities’ corruption issues.

The incident was reported on this day through the Indian local media ‘ANI News’. In the video posted at the time of the accident, one of the pillars supporting the road broke메이저사이트 and the entire road collapsed.

According to the media, no casualties were reported in this accident, but a nearby crane was damaged. According to a local police investigation, the accident occurred when a crack occurred while installing a girder on an overpass. Currently, the police have blocked off the surrounding area and deployed manpower to the scene.

Local netizens who heard about the accident strongly criticized not only the companies involved in the construction of the four-lane highway but also the authorities in charge of the project. One netizen sarcastically said, “The validity period of an infrastructure project that is supposed to last at least 100 years is 40 days.”

Another Indian netizen pointed out, “The reason things like this keep happening is because corruption is at the highest level,” adding, “It was fortunate that no one was there. It could have resulted in a huge loss of life.”

Meanwhile, in India, large-scale accidents have recently occurred one after another in important infrastructure such as roads and railways. Last June, a train derailment and collision occurred in eastern India, killing at least 275 people.

Road collapse accidents are not something that happened yesterday or today. Last year, a tragedy occurred in Morbi, Gujarat, India, when a suspension bridge collapsed, killing at least 135 people.

As a result of the Indian police investigation at the time, it was found that the company that managed the suspension bridge not only did not sufficiently repair the bridge, but also unilaterally opened the suspension bridge to the public without permission from the authorities.

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