“Circumstances of Lee Seon-gyun using drugs such as marijuana”… Idol trainees and third generation chaebols are also involved 

Police investigating movie actor Lee Sun-kyun’s suspicion of drug use have secured evidence that he has taken multiple drugs, including marijuana. An idol trainee and a third-generation chaebol family member who had been punished for using drugs in the past were also found to be involved in Lee’s drug case.

Regarding Mr. Lee, an official from the Incheon Police Agency said on the 20th, “We have secured clues that he used multiple drugs, including marijuana, and are conducting an internal investigation (investigation before admission).” He continued, “There are circumstances surrounding the involvement of celebrities A and B, who have been punished for drug use in the past, so we are also conducting an investigation before indictment.”

Previously, the police received intelligence that drugs were being distributed in entertainment establishments in Gangnam, Seoul and began an investigation. Afterwards, the police reportedly confirmed some drug use by the manager and employees of the entertainment establishment.

In the process of investigating them, the police obtained clues that Mr. Lee was also suspected of taking various types of drugs at entertainment establishments and residences. Currently, eight people, including Mr. Lee, Mr. A, and Mr. B, are being investigated for drug use.

Mr. A, a former idol trainee, was handed over to trial on charges of drinking marijuana with a famous singer in the past and was sentenced to probation. Afterwards, he was caught on suspicion of drug use several times and was sentenced to prison. Mr. B, from a chaebol family, was sentenced to probation on charges of drug use with a famous singer-turned-actor.

A police official said, “Some of them are under investigation as they have been booked, and some of them are in the internal investigation (pre-booking investigation) stage.”

The police first issued seizure warrants for the bodies of some of these suspects and began a mandatory investigation. Hair and urine from some suspects were collected and안전놀이터 a detailed analysis was requested from the National Institute of Forensic Science. Additionally, we are in the process of obtaining a warrant and checking communication details.

A police official said, “Mr. Lee is not yet a suspect as he is still in the investigation phase before being booked,” and added, “If he is to be subpoenaed or investigated, he must be converted to a suspect, but we are still considering the number of cases.”

Separately, Mr. Lee filed a complaint with the Incheon District Prosecutors’ Office, claiming that Mr. A, known as a drug supplier, threatened him and extorted 300 million won. It is reported that Mr. A threatened to inform the outside world of Mr. Lee’s drug use if he did not give him money. Mr. A was investigated as a person who is not included in the eight people currently being investigated by the Incheon Police Agency.

An official from the Incheon Police Agency said, “We are not investigating extortion as it is not a violation of the Narcotics Control Act.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Lee’s agency, Hod & U Entertainment, said on this day, “We are confirming the exact facts regarding the suspicions raised against Mr. Lee, and we intend to faithfully participate in any future investigations by investigative agencies with a sincere attitude.”

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