“A foreign friend went to a beauty salon in Gangnam and paid 1,010,000 won.”

A controversy broke out after a story was told that a foreign tourist visited a beauty salon in Gangnam, Seoul, got perms and hair dyed, and paid over 1 million won.

On the 19th, an article titled ‘A review of a foreign friend who went to a hair salon and got 1,010,000 won’ was posted on the online community ‘Efem Korea’ (Femco). Author A said that her friend, a foreign female tourist in Korea, visited the Gangnam branch of a famous franchise beauty salon on August 31 and paid a higher price than expected.

Mr. A said, “I added scalp care and hair care토스카지노 도메인 to my foreign friend and ended up paying 1,010,000 won.” He added, “(My friend) is a tourist who is not good at Korean, and there was no prior notice.” She then attached a ‘detailed order statement’.

Looking at the statement, 380,000 won and 120,000 won were charged for two types of perms, including setting perm and root perm, respectively. The dyeing fee was 220,000 won, and an additional 350,000 won was added for scalp and hair care. Among these, a 10% discount was applied to perm and dyeing worth 380,000 won, making them 342,000 won and 198,000 won, respectively. The total fee combined was 1.01 million won.

Additionally, a text message that appears to have been sent from the beauty salon said, ‘The product was removed because you said you wouldn’t purchase it.’ It is believed that the employee recommended the foreigner to purchase beauty products.The actual price of a basic haircut provided by the beauty salon is 35,000 won. It varies depending on the length of the hair, but dyeing usually costs around 100,000 won and perm costs around 100,000 to 200,000 won. In the case of Mr. A’s foreign friend, it appears that an additional fee was charged because he had long hair.Regarding the question of whether there was advance notice of the price, Mr. A claimed in a comment, “I paid 1.01 million won without notice, so (a foreign friend) contacted me and I paid the rest.”Online reactions were mixed. Criticism of ‘exorbitant prices’ for foreign customers was met with opinions that it was a reasonable price for perm, dyeing, and care treatments at Gangnam beauty salons. However, many pointed out that the fact that the price was not announced in advance was a problem.As Mr. A’s story spread to various online communities, a ‘star rating terror attack’ occurred where reviews of the store in question on Kakao Map were given a ‘1 star (lowest score)’. Negative reviews continued, such as “Can’t Koreans use the 1,010,000 won course for foreigners?” and “Only rich people should go.”It is reported that the hair salon in question is in the position that it announced the price in advance. An industry official told Chosun.com on this day, “The foreign customer in question received treatment for over 6 hours,” and added, “The author of the post on the online community also confirmed that the beauty salon had notified the price in advance and took down the post.”

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