‘Expulsion of profanity’ show host Jeong Yun-jeong returns to NS Home Shopping on the 21st

Show host Jeong Yun-jeong, who caused controvers굿모닝토토 도메인y by swearing during a live home shopping broadcast, will return through NS Home Shopping on the 21st. According to the industry on the 19th, Jeong Yun-jung will appear on NS Home Shopping Nature & Nature’s ‘Dermacure Bebe Cream’ sales broadcast

on the 21st .

Nature & Nature is a cosmetics, natural soap manufacturing, and wholesale e-commerce company with show host Jeong Yun-jeong as vice president. It is reported that Jeong Yun-jung will appear not as a show host, but as a guest selected by her partner.

Jeong Yun-jung recently visited her NS Home Shopping headquarters and participated in a cosmetics meeting. He even hinted at her return by posting “See you soon” on his Instagram.

As a result, Jeong Yun-jung, who had been suspended from appearing indefinitely by Hyundai Home Shopping and underwent expulsion procedures, has returned as a show host.

Jeong Yun-jeong caused controversy by swearing during a live broadcast on Hyundai Home Shopping last January, when the cosmetics she was selling were sold out, but it was impossible to end the show early because the program was a travel product.

Accordingly, Hyundai Home Shopping received a decision on legal sanctions from the Advertising Deliberation Subcommittee of the National Defense Commission, and decided to ban Jeong Yoon-jeong from appearing on its home shopping broadcasts indefinitely, along with a policy of strengthening monitoring to prevent recurrence and take prompt action.

Jung Yun-jung’s return broadcast will be broadcast at 8:30 pm on the 21st. Additional programming plans for this broadcast have not been decided.

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