“Are you sure to catch the woman using the Galaxy?”… Smartphone fandom war

Now is the time to check what type of smartphone the other person uses during a blind date. Experts believe that this is the result of an intensified ‘fandom war’ over iPhone and Galaxy.

According to the industry on the 23rd, Samsung Electronics’ smartphone division ranked 8th overall in the ‘2023 Customer Loyalty Company Rankings’ recently announced by ‘Brand Kids’, an American information technology ( IT ) market research company. This is an increase of 9 places from 17th place last year. It narrowed the gap with Apple smartphones, which took first place for two consecutive years until this year.

In August of this year, Brand Kids surveyed and ranked the consumer loyalty of 1,650 brands among 74,121 U.S. consumers aged 16 to 65. iPhone and Galaxy have such a huge fandom that they are ranked in the top 10 in consumer loyalty.

The industry believes that this smartphone ‘fandom war’ began in earnest in 2010. This was around the time when the iPhone first arrived in Korea on November 28, 2009, and 토토사이트Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S series was first released in June 2010.

At first, it was an attack on the technology and services of the other party’s products, but now it is spreading into gender and generational conflict. The conflict is deepening as they brand Galaxy as ‘the exclusive property of the older generation’ and iPhone as ‘a symbol of vanity and luxury’ and attack each other on the Internet. According to the ‘2023 Smartphone Usage Rate & Brand’ survey released by

Gallup Korea in July, iPhone users accounted for 23% and Galaxy users accounted for 69% of all survey subjects. Among them, 65% of Koreans aged 18 to 29, the 10th and 20th generations, were found to be using iPhones. Among women aged 18 to 29, 71% were using iPhones. By age, the highest number of Galaxy users was in their 50s (86%), 60s (85%), 40s (78%), 70s or older (71%), and 30s (56%).On Chungju City’s official YouTube channel, content containing young people’s critical views on Galaxy was uploaded and became a hot topic. During an interview with a college student, Mr. A, a college student, Kim Seon-tae, a ‘public relations man’ in charge of Chungju City, asked him what he thought of the “guy who uses a Galaxy.” Mr. A said, “My friend asked for my number, and he said he was a little embarrassed because the other person’s cell phone was a Galaxy,” and eventually did not contact the other person. He even surprised me by saying he didn’t.

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