“Lee Seon-kyun often visits entertainment establishments… “Something bigger could explode,” he claimed.

Actor Lee Sun-gyun (48)스포츠토토, who is suspected of drug use, was converted to suspect status and became the subject of an official investigation. Ahead of a full-scale police investigation, attention is focused on the testimony of an official who said that Lee Sun-gyun frequently visited entertainment establishments. According to a JTBC

report on the 23rd , an official of an entertainment establishment located in Gangnam, Seoul claimed, “I don’t know what (Lee Sun-kyun) did at the previous store, but it is true that he came often.” He continued, “Usually no one comes. “I don’t know what’s going on in the room,” he said. “Something bigger could happen.” On this day, the Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit criminally booked Lee Seon-kyun on charges of marijuana and other charges under the Narcotics Management Act. The police also arrested A (29, female), the manager of an entertainment establishment, on suspicion of psychotropic drugs under the Narcotic Drugs Control Act, and booked without detention a female employee in her 20s who worked at the same entertainment establishment. Police believe that Lee Sun-gyun has taken drugs several times at Mr. A’s home in Seoul since the beginning of this year. Lee Sun-kyun is suspected of having taken not only marijuana but also various types of drugs. Last month, the police received information that drugs were being distributed in Gangnam entertainment establishments, and during the investigation, they also obtained information related to Lee Sun-gyun. Lee Seon-kyun recently filed a complaint to the prosecution through his lawyer on charges of blackmail against those involved in the drug case, saying, “I was threatened and defrauded of hundreds of millions of won in connection with the drug case.”

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