To avoid crackdown?… Taxi driver arrested for burying speed camera in orchard

An absurd thing happened in an orchard in Jeju. A mobile speed camera used by the police was discovered in an orchard. Police believe it was the taxi driver who caught the speeding violation on camera.

This is reporter Joo Jae-yong. 

Police officers dig up the ground in a citrus orchard.

Following the dirt-covered tripod, a mat and a white box wrapped in plastic appear.

Inside the box is an enforcement camera that detects speeding.

“Why is there a camera here? A camera.”

On the evening of the 12th, the mobile speed camera메이저놀이터 installed by the Jeju Autonomous Police on the Jungsan Road in Seogwipo disappeared.

Someone broke the lock and stole camera equipment worth 30 million won. Through CCTV

analysis, police discovered a white taxi with an unknown number that had been at the scene for about 20 minutes. Over the course of a week, they tracked 122 taxis of the same type and identified taxi driver A, in his 50s. Through forensics on Mr. A’s cell phone, it was confirmed that he had gone to his sister’s tangerine orchard the morning after the crime. Park Jong-nam / Chief of Detectives at Seogwipo Police Station “At the point where the most cars stopped, we found two spots with a lot of people staying, so we deployed all detectives to search the area…” Mr. A strongly denies the charges, but The court issued an arrest warrant on the 22nd due to concerns about flight. The police believe that Mr. A was trying to hide the fact that he was speeding at 100 km/h where the speed limit was 80 km/h, and are investigating the exact circumstances. This is TV Chosun Joo Jae-yong.

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