There were repeated calls for a ceasefire at the UN, but the White House said it only benefited Hamas.

At the UN Security Council meeting held to discuss the war between Israel and Hamas, there were a series of voices calling for a ceasefire to protect civilians in the Gaza Strip.

However, Israel resolutely stated that it would not accept a ceasefire, and the U.S. White House also drew the line that a ceasefire would only benefit Hamas.

This is Washington correspondent Kwon Jun-ki.

The UN Secretary-General, who was the first to take the microphone, called for an immediate ceasefire, saying that the principle of ‘protecting civilians’ in the Gaza Strip is the top priority.

In particular, he emphasized that Hamas’ attacks did not occur in a ‘vacuum’ and that the context of Palestinian history of persecution must also be taken into consideration.

[Antonio Guterres / UN Secretary-General: It is important to recognize that Hamas’ attacks did not occur in a vacuum. Palestine has suffered from a suffocating occupation for 56 years.]

The Foreign Minister of the Palestinian Authority demanded that Israel, which is carrying out indiscriminate air strikes, comply with international law.

He appealed to the United Nations to prevent war, saying that most of those who have lost their lives in the Gaza Strip so far have been civilians.

[Riyad al-Maliki / Foreign Minister of the Palestinian Authority: (5,700 deaths) is equivalent to 145,000 people in the UK population and 700,000 people in the US. Most of those killed by Israel are civilians.]

Arab countries, including Egypt, also joined in calling for an immediate ceasefire.

However, Israel’s position was firm.

Hamas’ next target will be the West, he said, adding that the fight cannot be stopped until the terrorist group is completely eliminated.

[Eli Cohen / Israeli Foreign Minister:굿모닝토토 주소 How can you agree to a ceasefire with someone who has sworn to kill and destroy your existence? How?]

The United States also defended Israel’s right to self-defense and did not mention a ceasefire.

At the same time, he sent a clear message warning of an escalation of war, saying that he would not remain silent if Iran intervened.

[Tony Blinken / U.S. Secretary of State: If Iran or forces acting on behalf of Iran attack Americans anywhere, we will quickly and resolutely protect our people and safeguard the security of the United States. Don’t make that mistake.]

In response to a question about the UN Secretary-General’s call for a ceasefire, the White House also strengthened its opposition, saying that a ceasefire at this point would only benefit Hamas.

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations said the UN Secretary-General’s ‘vacuum’ statement was a terrible expression of understanding terrorism and murder, and demanded that he step down immediately. 

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