“Oh Eun-young is gaslighting the entire nation”… Pediatrician who took a direct hit

While controversy continues over the appropriateness of the so-called ‘Golden Childrearing Method’, which is the educational view of child care expert Dr. Oh Eun-young, a pediatrician took aim at the ‘Golden Boy Ryu Broadcasting’, which provides Dr. Oh’s educational view as a solution, and said, “The whole nation is “I’m being gaslighted (psychologically controlled) by saying ‘parenting is difficult,’” he said.

In an interview with JoongAng Ilbo published on the 25th, Ha Jeong-hoon, director of Ha Jeong-hoon Pediatrics and Adolescent Clinic, a pediatrician who graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine, said, “Early this month, the Low Birth Rate and Aging Society Committee (low-level) announced that this program (My Little Baby) was approved.” “It is in the same context that we pointed out that it is not helpful in overcoming the low birth rate,” he said.

Director Ha explained, “In fact, if you have the basics, parenting can be much easier.” Regarding the ‘basics’ mentioned, “It is about creating a framework for the family. It is about establishing the authority of the caregiver and setting rules and limits for the child. If you do this properly, raising a child is not that difficult. Of course,” he said. “I’m not saying parenting is easy, but there are a lot more fun and happy things than difficult things, but even if something goes wrong, it’s very wrong,” he criticized.

Regarding the reason for emphasizing the ‘authority of the caregiver’, he said, “Raising a child is about making them a member of society that can live together. If the caregiver does not have authority at home, the child does not listen. Even when such a child goes to kindergarten or school, he does not listen to the teacher. “They don’t listen very well. There is a high possibility that they will become misfits even after they become adults and go out into society,” he explained, adding, “Rather than giving in to everything your child wants, you should change the focus of your life from the child to the caregiver from now on.”

Regarding Dr. Oh’s ‘solution parenting’, he said, “Solution parenting itself is not the problem. It is necessary for children who have problems with mental development,” he said. “However, the problem is that all children follow the methods that are effective for some children. “It would be good if broadcasts that cover solution parenting include a warning saying, ‘Do not apply this type of parenting method to ordinary children,’” he said.

In a similar vein to Director Ha, Dr. Seo Cheon-seo토스카지노 도메인k of Seoul National University, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, also pointed out this past July. At the time, he said, “How many consultations and how many training sessions? We all know that there are children who are idiots, half-baked amateurs, or those who just don’t get the job,” and added, “The problem with programs like ‘Golden Ryu’ is that they don’t show the kind of stuff presented on the air.” “It creates the illusion that a problem that will never be solved with a solution can be solved,” he argued.

He continued, “They make it seem like a child’s problem, which seems very serious, can be solved with a few sessions of counseling or a month or two of effort. If that’s possible, the responsibility will inevitably fall on parents and teachers who can’t solve it,” he said. “It’s either a lack of effort or a lack of effort. But any psychiatrist knows that it’s not that simple,” he added.

In response to this criticism, Dr. Oh said in an interview with Ten Asia released last July, “Geumjjogi is not a human modification program. Parents who have lost their way of raising children disclose their problems, discuss the causes and reasons for the problem, and “It is a program that talks about the future direction of parenting,” he explained. “If the child changes little by little through the process of effort, it is not an illusion, but gives hope.”

Meanwhile, the Low Birth Rate and Aging Society Committee held a meeting on the 5th with the theme of ‘Change in perception of marriage and childbirth and the role of media’ and said that the so-called ‘Golden Ear Program’ is helping to overcome low birth rate by spreading negative perception about marriage and childbirth. It has been pointed out that it is becoming an obstacle. Yoo Jae-eun, a member of the Youth Policy Coordination Committee of the Office for Government Policy Coordination, who was the presenter, emphasized the need to reduce negative messages in the media and expose positive messages more often.

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