Nam Hyun-hee, “Jeon Cheong-jo, sold my name to commit fraud… “I was completely fooled.”

Former national fencing team member Nam Hyun-hee (42) said she was “completely deceived” when she broke up with Jeon Cheong-jo (27), whom she said was her remarried partner.

According to Women’s Chosun on the 26th, Nam Hyun-hee confessed in a phone call the night before, “I was completely deceived by Jeon Cheong-jo.” Previously, he announced her plans to marry Jeon through an interview with this media outlet published on the 23rd. Afterwards, various controversies arose surrounding her ex, including false gender, criminal record for fraud, and impersonation of the third generation of a chaebol.

Nam Hyun-hee packed her bags the day before and moved out from Signiel’s home in Songpa-gu, Seoul, where she was staying with Jeon. She is currently staying at her mother’s house in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. The decisive factor in Nam Hyun-hee’s decision to break up with her Jeon was when she found out that Jeon had sold her own name and swindled her investment money to someone else.

Nam Hyun-hee said, “Mr. Jeon was accused of fraud, so the police and the victim came to Signiel’s house the morning before. At this time, (the victim) said, ‘Director, we invested in our CEO (Jeon Cheong-jo). “She was very shocked when she heard the director say, ‘I trust your name.’”

Nam Hyun-hee claimed that everything so far was done under the leadership of Mr. Jeon. For example, she said that Nam Hyun-hee confirmed her pregnancy with about 10 unwrapped pregnancy tests given to her by Jeon, and all the results came back with ‘two lines’ (pregnancy). But in reality, she wasn’t pregnant. This means that there was some manipulation.

Mr. Jeon also shared his position through the media. After Nam Hyun-hee left, he met reporters at her Signiel home and said, “I want to live well with Hyun-hee. But I feel like I can’t live like this. “I have a very bad image to many people,” he said. “So I think breaking up is the answer.” “I really want to break up with Hyunhee,” she said.

Mr. Jeon completely denied the suspicions surrounding him. He said, “It’s so hard. “Every moment I worry about whether I should die or not,” he said, adding that he wanted to clarify her suspicions. However, when the conversation began in earnest, something unexpected happened. It is said that he hurriedly cleared the place, saying, “Let’s meet tomorrow.”

Mr. Jeon was arrested by the police in the early morning of this day on charges of violating the stalking punishment law. He is accused of visiting Nam Hyun-hee’s mother’s house at around 1:09 a.m., knocking several times and ringing the doorbell. When Mr. Jeon tried to enter the house, saying, “I know this person, please let me into the house,” Nam Hyun-hee’s family called 112, and the police who arrived arrested Mr. Jeon as a red-handed criminal카지노사이트.

However, Mr. Jeon was released around 6:30 a.m. after a brief investigation, and Nam Hyun-hee and her family are said to be shaking with anxiety. A police official explained, “Mr. Jeon said he could not eat or sleep for three days, so we sent him back after only conducting the first basic investigation,” and added, “We plan to call him in again later to investigate.”

Nam Hyun-hee married Gong Hyo-seok, a former national cycling team member, in 2011, and she had one daughter, but she divorced last August after 12 years. On the 23rd, about two months later, she announced her remarriage to Jeon. Afterwards, rumors doubting the career of Mr. Jeon, who was known as an ‘American-born horseback riding major’, ‘third generation chaebol’, and ‘businessman who served as an IT company executive’, spread online.

Mr. Jeon, who was initially known as a man, was revealed to be a woman. Additionally, her fraud record was revealed. According to Jeon’s past ruling released the previous day, he was sentenced to two years and three months in prison in December 2020 on charges of defrauding 10 victims of 300 million won between 2018 and 2020.

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