Lee Jae-myeong, not going to trial, National Assembly inspector / Won Hee-ryong and Lee Bok-hyeon, their own weapons?

Q. We start with reporter Soo-min Yoon and Yeo Rang-ya. Let’s look at the first topic. Where did Representative Lee Jae-myung go to the government inspection?

It’s a trial.

Representative Lee Jae-myung had a hearing카지노사이트 today regarding violation of the Public Official Election Act, but he did not have one.

After failing to appear on the 13th, the judge asked, “Is the defendant still not showing up today?” and when the defense lawyer said, “Yes,” he sighed.

[People Power Party Rep. Cho Soo-jin (last 24th)]
“Isn’t (Lee Jae-myeong’s non-attendance at the trial) a play on the court?”

[Kim Jeong-jung, Chief Justice of the Seoul Central District Court (last 24th)]
“There may be such a perspective. It is true that it is a rare situation.”

Q. _ So you did a government audit without going to trial?

Yes, I attended the National Defense Commission audit.

He pointed out that tensions are increasing because the Yoon Seok-yeol government is only trying to suppress North Korea by force.

Minister of National Defense Shin Won-sik responded this way.

[Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea (today)]
“Conflicts between North and South Korea have increased sharply since the Yoon administration took office, and there are aspects of strengthening military tensions or inducing provocations…” [

Minister of National Defense Shin Won-sik (today)]
“‘The reason the world is in turmoil is ‘It’s because of the police’s crime prevention activities.’ No, it’s because of robberies. I think talking as if the world is in chaos because of the police’s crime prevention activities is contradicting the real point.”

It is North Korea’s fault that tensions are rising, not the government’s fault for preparing for North Korean provocations.

Q. _ Let’s look at the next topic. Minister Won Hee-ryong and Financial Supervisory Commission Chairman Lee Bok-hyun, do you have weapons?

Today, on the last day of the National Assembly audit, the two people brought out their own strengths and weapons.

First of all, Minister Won is a popular politician.

As the opposition party launched an offensive on the Yangpyeong Expressway, they brought out the names of celebrities familiar to the public. This is singer Tablo.

[Won Hee-ryong / Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (today)]
“For four months now, you have been claiming that preferential treatment for the Yangpyeong Expressway was changed due to external pressure, but there has been no evidence whatsoever… This reminds me of Tajinyo.”

[Minki Kim / Chairman of the National Land, Infrastructure and Transport Commission (today)]
“Is that the end? What does ‘Tajinyo’ mean?”

[Won Hee-ryong / Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (today)]
“Look for it.”

So I looked it up.

13 years ago, suspicions were raised that Mr. Tablo had falsified his educational background, and all involved were arrested and recorded as the worst witch hunt.

The suspicion of Yangpyeong Expressway preferential treatment is said to be a witch hunt, but the opposition party protested, saying it was an unreasonable analogy.

Q. _ By the same logic, Lee Bok-hyun, head of the Financial Supervisory Service, is a former prosecutor. Does that also become a weapon?

sure. Investigative power is your weapon.

Director Lee, especially during his time as a prosecutor, made a name for himself through economic investigations and was called the Grim Reaper among companies.

Q: Come to think of it, the Financial Supervisory Service is conducting a lot of investigations these days.

yes. The Lime incident has been reinvestigated, and Mirae Asset Securities is being investigated.

Recently, they are targeting Kakao in connection with SM stock price manipulation.

[Kang Min-guk / People Power Party Representative (today)]
“You conducted an intense investigation on Kakao Chairman Kim Beom-soo for over 16 hours. Are there any results?”

[Lee Bok-hyeon / Financial Supervisory Service Commissioner (today)]
“We are proceeding according to procedures.”

[Lee Bok-hyeon / Financial Supervisory Service Chairman (today)]
“I think the authorities need to make more efforts to restore trust for the development of the capital market.”

[Kang Min-guk / People Power Party lawmaker (today)]
“It would have been difficult to carry out such an intense investigation without Director Lee Bok-hyeon, a former prosecutor.”

However, companies say the Financial Supervisory Service is doing what the prosecution should do, and the pressure is too much. I also do it.

I think it’s up to you to decide whether the two people’s weapons will be a strength or a weakness. (As I write)

So far, it has been Yeo-rang-ya-rang.

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