Nam Hyun-hee, Cheonwoo Shinjo, the reason he avoided the worst

Nam Hyun-hee, famous as a former national fencing player, broke up with her prospective groom. It looks like the worst has been avoided. If I had gotten married, the situation would have become even more serious. Nancy Lang was once married to a man who claimed to be a member of the Paradise Group out of wedlock, and she had to go through the difficult process of getting a divorce.

When Nancy Lang said she was getting married, many people were worried. Usually, when a celebrity’s marriage is criticized, the criticism is met with criticism. It is unfair to interfere in other people’s private lives. However, at the time of Nancy Lang’s marriage, there was no criticism, and opposing opinions spread wider to the point where it was said that the public opposed it. Despite such opposition, Nancy Lang got married and had to suffer the aftermath. She says that her husband left her with a large amount of debt.

As soon as the news that Nam Hyun-hee was getting married was announced, a similar situation occurred when Nancy Lang announced her marriage. Also, the people opposed it. And Nam Hyun-hee decided to break up with her. If I had pushed for marriage like Nancy Lang, I don’t know how serious things would have become.

She says that the man named Jeon Cheongjo, who was trying to marry Nam Hyeon-hee, said she was a man, but she was originally a woman. She says she was faking it by switching genders. There are also stories that she pretended to be several people. She pretended to be very wealthy, saying she was a member of the Paradise Group 3, but this was also a lie.

Nevertheless, Nam Hyun-hee said that she believed in him. It is said that there could be no suspicion as Mr. Jeon engaged in extravagant behavior, such as giving expensive items as gifts, including an expensive car worth more than 290 million won, and staying at a place that costs 12 million won per night. It is said that Mr. Jeon was accompanied by about 10 bodyguards and even rode in a limousine.

He even sent a message to Nam Hyun-hee by posing as the chairman of a conglomerate. She told Nam Hyeon-hee that she was her daughter-in-law, told her to get married by October, and told absurd stories about her son being a genius. After receiving a message from her prospective father-in-law, Nam Hyun-hee began to trust Jeon even more.

Above all, Jeon says she was very good to Nam Hyun-hee. She felt that she really loved him, and because Jeon’s abilities were outstanding and she helped Nam Hyun-hee’s fencing academy business, she decided to marry him. However, for Jeon, it is possible that Nam Hyun-hee was a means for her fraud.

The news of Nam Hyun-hee’s marriage first became known through a monthly magazine. It is said that at the time, the reporter only asked for an interview about her celebrity, Nam Hyun-hee. However, it is said that the manager she spoke to unexpectedly suggested an interview with her husband-to-be. Usually, when a celebrity marries an ordinary person, the other ordinary person is completely protected, but this time, the ordinary person came to the fore.

I found out later that the manager who spoke on the phone at that time was suspected to be Mr. Jeon himself. Ms. Jeon actively tried to reveal her identity. Because she gave an interview like that, the controversy grew. If she hadn’t gone to the press, it would have led to her marriage.

Why did Mr. Jeon come forward to the media on his own? Even though there was a risk that her identity would be revealed, she went to the press because she thought it would be beneficial to reveal it. It seems that she tried to establish herself through the media as a wealthy person with great reputation, so much so that she was in the spotlight when she married a famous former national star. After establishing her status in that way, it is possible that she tried to exploit her interests to others based on that. That’s why she said that her marriage to Nam Hyun-hee may have been a vehicle for her fraud.

However, things went wrong for her because of토토사이트 her hasty greed in revealing herself to the media. In the end, Jeon’s excessive greed helped Nam Hyun-hee avoid her worst situation.

Ms. Jeon’s lies conveyed through her media reports are so absurd that it makes you laugh out loud. It is absurd that she introduced herself to so many people as a third-generation chaebol, saying that her existence was a secret. However, her eloquence was so extraordinary that many people were deceived and she seems to have been harmed. There are reports that she has several criminal records. It seems urgent for the police to conduct a comprehensive investigation into how Ms. Jeon has lived so far, whether she has any other victims, and the possibility that she may have victims around Nam Hyun-hee.

This is the third time that she has tried to marry a celebrity, claiming to be a child of the Paradise group. Nancy Lang even got married, and Kim Sang-joong and Nam Hyun-hee recently broke off their engagement just before getting married. In addition to this, many people with impure intentions approach celebrities, especially celebrities. Celebrities themselves may suffer damage, or they may be used as a means of fraud against others. Because this risk always exists, celebrities need to be more alert than ordinary people about people approaching them. If something like this were famous, it would be famous.

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