“5,000 won per bakery bread”… ‘Breadflation’ affects even Bungeobbang

Do you know how much a bungeoppang costs these days?

If you think about old prices, you might be surprised.

As expected, the price of bread has also risen significantly due to the increase in the cost of ingredients such as sugar and flour.

So much so that there was even a new word called breadflation.

Reporter Gong Min-kyung reports.


A local bakery in Seoul sells a bag of milk bread for 4,700 won, and raised the price by 200 won a week ago.

This is because the price of bread continues to rise, increasing the burden.

[Jeong Chang-bae/Operating a bakery for 20 years: “This is the first time in 20 years that the price of bread has risen like this. Sugar, butter, and flour are the most used, and these have risen the most.”] Sugar, the main ingredient in bread

, It has risen by more than 40% compared to three years ago, and the price increase of flour and eggs is well over 30%.

As the price of milk has risen since this month, the question of whether the price should be raised further has deepened.

[Jeong Chang-bae/Bakery owner for 20 years: “If we ask for this to be reflected, will consumers be able to afford it? The supply of milk has increased, but we haven’t been able to reflect it in the price of bread yet.”] The price of Taiyaki, a representative winter snack that is inexpensive and comfortable, is also due to the increase in ingredient costs

. I was affected.

Just 3-4 years ago, you could buy about 3 items for 1,000 won, but now it costs 1,000 won per item.

This is because red bean prices have increased by 40%굿모닝토토 and cooking oil prices by 60% compared to three years ago.

[Yang Jun-im/Bunggeoppang seller: “(Does everyone around here sell it for 1,000 won?) Currently, it sells for 1,000 won. But the other day, I heard someone saying they were selling it a little more (more expensively).”] The price of bread last year was 7

. It continued to rise in double digits for a year starting in February, but only recently fell below 6%.

But these days, upward pressure is growing again.

This is because the prices of whipped cream, butter, and cheese are expected to rise due to the increase in crude oil prices, and there is also the added impact of increases in electricity and gas rates.

The government is asking major food companies to refrain from raising prices, but it cannot guarantee stability in bread prices as raw material prices are becoming unstable due to the Israel-Hamas war.

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