Seon-kyun Lee’s simple reagent test was negative… Police, request for detailed analysis

Actor Lee Seon-gyun (48), who was booked on suspicion of drug use, appeared at the police for the first time after the incident and was interrogated for about an hour.

Mr. Lee met with reporters and bowed his head several times, expressing his feelings of apology, but he avoided answering the charge of drug use.

Mr. Lee, who is suspected of using marijuana and psychotropic drugs under the Narcotics Control Act, appeared at the Incheon Police Agency Drug Crime Investigation Office at Nonhyeon Police Station in Incheon on the afternoon of the 28th.

Mr. Lee said in front of the police station, “I sincerely apologize for being involved in such an unpleasant incident and causing great disappointment to many people,” and added, “I will engage in the investigation with a sincere attitude.”

He added, “I feel sorry for the families who are enduring such difficult pain at this moment,” and added, “Once again, I sincerely apologize to everyone.”

On this day, Mr. Lee, dressed in a suit and getting out of a black van, bowed his head several times while expressing his intention to apologize.

Mr. Lee entered the police station with a series of questions from reporters asking, “Do you admit the charges? What part will you explain?” and answered, “I will faithfully participate in the investigation.”

The police obtained a search and seizure warrant from the court and confiscated Lee’s cell phone and vehicle.

Additionally, a search and seizure warrant for Mr. Lee’s body was executed during the reagent testing process that day.

It was confirmed that Mr. Lee received a negative result in a simple test conducted by collecting urine.

However, considering the low accuracy of simple tests, the police plan to send Mr. Lee’s hair and urine to the National Institute of Forensic Science for a detailed analysis.

In general, simple tests show a response when drugs are taken within 5 to 10 days, but it is known that it is difficult to get a clear result if drugs are taken before that.

A police official said, “It is expected to take about a month for the detailed test results to come out,” and added, “We will determine whether drugs were used, the type and frequency, etc.”

During the police investigation, it was confirmed that Mr. Lee refused to make a statement regarding the drug use charges.

He also emphasized the expression “arbitrary submission” in relation to the police confiscation of mobile phones.

Mr. Lee met with reporters after the investigation and said, “Today I randomly submitted my cell phone and responded to the requests required for the next formal investigation. They said I would be called in for an investigation soon, so I will answer sincerely.”

In a phone call with Yonhap News, Mr. Lee’s lawyer explained, “A warrant can be considered executed only when there is a refusal, but there was no such part, so we said the cell phone was submitted arbitrarily,” and “There was no refusal throughout the entire process (reagent testing, etc.).” .

Regarding Mr. Lee’s refusal to make a statement, he added, “Because additional investigation is scheduled, we will all be investigated then,” and added, “In the first place, this investigation was scheduled for inspection, so I complied with all of the inspection.”

The police plan to speed up the investigation into ongoing drug cases, starting with the first summons to investigate카지노사이트 Mr. Lee.

A total of 10 people, including Lee and singer G-Dragon (35, real name Kwon Ji-yong), are being investigated by the Incheon Police Agency on drug charges.

Mr. Lee has been accused of taking various types of drugs, including marijuana, at the Seoul home of A (29, female), manager of an entertainment establishment, since early this year.

Previously, the police discovered Mr. Lee’s suspicions while checking intelligence that drugs were being distributed at a ‘membership room salon’ in Gangnam, Seoul.

During the investigation, singer Kwon was also booked on drug charges under the Narcotics Control Act. The police are considering a plan to summon Mr. Kwon for questioning after conducting a supplementary investigation in the near future.

Currently, both Mr. Kwon and Mr. Lee are banned from leaving the country.

In addition, Mr. A, the manager of the entertainment establishment, was arrested and sent to the prosecution on charges of psychopathy, and a doctor and an employee of the entertainment establishment were also booked on charges of supplying and administering drugs, respectively. Mr. A is also accused of stealing 350 million won by threatening Mr. Lee.

In addition, the police are investigating five other people, including a third-generation member of a chaebol family, a composer, and an aspiring singer, as being likely to have taken drugs.

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