“I cut my throat on a skating blade… ” 29-year-old American ice hockey player dies ‘absurd’ during game

American ice hockey player Adam Johnson (29) died after suffering a terrible accident where his neck was cut by a skate blade while playing in the British league, CNN in the US and The Guardian in the UK reported on the 29th (local time).

According to reports, Adam Johnson, who was playing in England for the Nottingham Panthers in the North American Ice Hockey League (NHL), collided with an opposing player and suffered a neck injury during the second round of the Challenge Cup against Sheffield Steelers held at the Sheffield Utility Arena the previous짱구카지노 도메인 day . was seriously injured.

Adam Johnson was treated at the scene and taken to the hospital, but eventually died.

The club said: “We are absolutely shocked to announce that Adam Johnson has tragically passed away after a ‘freak accident’ during the game against Sheffield. “Thank you to everyone who came out to support Adam under the most difficult circumstances last night. “I want to express this,” he said.

The game, which was being watched by 8,000 spectators at the time, was stopped immediately after the accident, and all games scheduled the day after the accident were postponed.

Guardian Christian Bennett, who watched the game at the time, said, “The two players surprised each other and collided,” and “Sheffield’s skate went up and decapitated Adam Johnson. It was my first time seeing that much blood coming out so quickly. “It was the most horrifying scene I’ve ever seen at a sporting event.”

Adam Johnson’s mother expressed her sorrow on social media, saying, “I lost half my heart today,” the Daily Mail reported .

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