“You can wake up students who sleep during class”… Looking at the contents of the school regulations revision guide

There is news that the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education has created a guide to revising school rules, including whether it is okay to wake up a student who sleeps during class and whether it is okay to ask students to clean as punishment.

The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education announced today (30th) that it will be distributing guidance on student life regulations to each school.

It contains specific implementation plans for the굿모닝토토 Ministry of Education’s Life Guidance Notice, which has been in effect since the second semester of this year as demands for protection of teaching rights grow stronger.

Each school will revise its school rules with reference to this.

Let’s look at an example.

If there are students who doze off or lie down during class, it is now okay to wake them up as this may affect the learning atmosphere.

Additionally, students suspected of smoking may have their items inspected.

However, physical force should be avoided as much as possible.

They also say that students should not be asked to clean bees for punitive purposes.

However, it is possible for students to clean up to clean up their own mess.

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