“You’re not even Korean” “Get out of here” booing and swearing… In Yohan “It is our responsibility to share the pain”

Seoul Plaza in front of Seoul City Hall on the 29th. Politicians and citizens who attended the ‘Citizens’ Memorial Rally for the 1st Anniversary of the October 29 Itaewon Disaster’ gathered in the square wearing matching black clothes. In Yo-han (64), Chairman of the Innovation Committee of the People Power Party, also sat down wearing a black suit and black tie. The appearance of a white-haired white man with a height of 193 cm stood out among the crowd.

Chairman In came to Seoul Plaza with Innovation Committee members Kim Kyung-jin, Park So-yeon, and Lee So-hee 10 minutes before the start of the memorial service. At the entrance to Seoul Plaza, people waving ‘Arrest Kim Kun-hee’ flags and flags of numerous left-wing civic groups stood as if guarding them.

Also present at the People Power Party were Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, Secretary-General Lee Man-hee, Policy Committee Chairman Yoo Yu-dong, Representatives Kwon Young-se and Kim Ye-ji, and Supreme Council Member Kim Byeong-min. Except for Mayor Oh, they came as individuals, so they sat in the empty seats. The organizers guided Chairman In to a seat next to Democratic Party of Korea leader Lee Jae-myung and floor leader Hong Ik-pyo. He shook hands with each of the key figures of the Democratic Party and then sat down.

As the memorial service began at 5 p.m., Lee Jeong-min (father of the late Lee Joo-young), chairman of the steering committee of the October 29 Itaewon Disaster Victims’ Family Council, said in his greeting, “This time to commemorate our lost child is by no means a political rally.” It was a remark criticizing President Yoon Seok-yeol, who did not attend the memorial service. Chairman In remained in his seat, staring at the stage.

When representatives of each party, in that order from the Democratic Party of Korea, the Justice Party, the Basic Income Party, and the Progressive Party, came out to give eulogy and criticize the Yoon Seok-yeol government, attendees chanted, “Get out of the way, Yoon Seok-yeol!” and “Let’s impeach!” There was also cheering and enthusiastic applause. There was no change in expression on Chairman In’s face. When the orchestra belonging to the late Choi Bo-ram’s aunt went on stage and played “Becoming a Thousand Winds,” large flags with words such as “Impeachment of Yoon Seok-yeol” and “Prosecution Dictatorship” written in large letters waved in time with the melody in the square. In the corner, the artificial flowers sent by People Power Party leader Kim Ki-hyun and floor leader Yoon Jae-ok were left damaged.

After the first part of the memorial service, which lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes, was over and moving on to the second part, Democratic Party floor leader Hong Ik-pyo stood up first and shook hands with Chairman In. The organizer then said, ‘Find out the truth!’ While holding a picket and taking photos as a group, Chairman In also stood up with his group, including Representative Lee So-hee, who was in a wheelchair. At this time, the cries of the attendees, “Find out the truth!” quickly focused on Chairman In.

There was chaos for five minutes until he got to his vehicle. Attendees pointed their fingers at him and said, “Suk-yeol Yoon, step down!” “Save the children!” Slogans such as these were poured out, and some followed him and hurled insults메이저사이트 such as “Why are you coming here when you’re not even Korean?” and “ XXXX will kill you.” Some people crumpled up empty cigarette packs or threw pickets at him and shouted, “Why did you go that way when you only said the right things?” There were several dizzying moments when the crowd suddenly gathered around Chairman In and the wheelchair in which Chairman Lee So-hee was riding was unable to move, almost resulting in a fatal accident. Chairman In continued his steps while silently listening to the protests and swearing, and got into the car with a stern expression on his face.

After attending the memorial service, Chairman In told this newspaper, “I think it is a natural responsibility to share the pain of the times,” and “The ruling party and government, which are at the highest level of decision-making, must naturally mourn with infinite responsibility. “We, the People Power Party, reflected on the fact that we were somewhat negligent in this regard and participated in the interest of national unity,” he said. Supreme Council member Kim Byeong-min also said, “It is the responsibility of the political world to listen to these (criticism) voices.”

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