Executive director suddenly resigns one day before the Asiana Airlines board of directors

It has been reported that one day before the Asiana Airlines board meeting, which will be a watershed in the integration of Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, one of the executive directors suddenly announced his intention to resign. As abnormalities arise within the board of directors, it is expected that controversy will arise no matter what conclusion is reached at the Asiana Airlines board meeting on the 30th.

According to the aviation industry on the 29th, Jin Gwang-ho, executive director of Asiana Airlines, reportedly announced his intention to resign to the board of directors that day. The Asiana Airlines board of directors consists of two internal directors, including CEO Yoo Won-seok and Executive Director Jin, and four outside directors.

If Executive Director Jin does not attend the board meeting on the 30th, the calculation method for passing agenda items such as the separate sale of Asiana Airlines’ cargo business will change. According to the company’s articles of incorporation, in order for an agenda item to be passed at the board of directors meeting, ‘more than half of the directors must be present and a majority of the directors present must be present.’ If all 6 people attend, 4 must agree to the agenda for it to pass. If Executive Director Jin is absent, only a maximum of 5 people can attend, so the agenda can be passed if only 3 people agree.

At the Asiana Airlines board of directors, there are strong opinions for and against the separation and sale of cargo. Executive Director Jin is said to have been opposed to the separate sale.

There is an analysis in the industry that Executive Director Jin, who was under pressure from both inside and outside the company to support the separate sale of the cargo business, may have resigned due to the pressure. It is confirmed that Executive Director Jin also attended the extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors held on the 24th. An aviation industry official said, “If Executive Director Jin’s resignation is correct, it happened suddenly a day before the board meeting, so who would interpret it purely?” He added, “If a decision was made in this way, no one would think that the board of directors has fulfilled its function.” He said.

We attempted to call Executive Director Jin several times that day, but were unable to reach him. A member of the Asiana Airlines board of directors responded to the news of Executive Director Jin’s resignation by simply saying, “Ask the person짱구카지노 주소 concerned directly about the facts.”

Meanwhile, inside and outside the board of directors, there is talk about the qualifications of outside director Yoon Chang-beon. Outside Director Yoon is an advisor at Kim & Chang Law Firm. However, the law firm representing the integration of Asiana Airlines and Korean Air is Kim & Chang. Asiana Airlines’ articles of incorporation state that “directors who have a special interest in board resolutions cannot exercise voting rights.” Some are expressing doubts about whether it is desirable for an outside director from a law firm acting as legal representative for Korean Air to exercise voting rights on the board of directors.

Currently, it is reported that Independent Director Yoon’s attendance at the board of directors has not been confirmed. However, the Asiana Airlines Board of Directors allows participants to participate in resolutions online if it is difficult to attend in person.

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