German woman in her 20s who was dragged to Hamas with her clothes stripped has finally been confirmed dead.

Shani Luk (23), a German-Israeli woman who was taken to the Palestinian armed faction Hamas in a truck almost naked and unconscious at a music festival held in southern Israel, was eventually confirmed dead.

According to CNN and BBC , Israel’s Ministry메이저사이트 of Foreign Affairs said on the 30th (local time), “We are very shocked to report that Shani’s death has been confirmed,” adding, “After being kidnapped from a music festival, Shani was tortured by terrorists and ‘paraded on the streets.’ “He must have experienced immeasurable horror,” she said.

Shani’s mother, Rikar Daruk, also said she received confirmation from the Israeli military that her daughter had been killed. “Shani’s body has not yet been found, but fragments of her skull were found and DNA testing confirmed that she was Shani’s,” Ricarda said.

In an interview with local media, Ricarda said Shani may have died after being shot in the head during the initial Hamas attack on the 7th. “I’m fortunate to have it,” she said.

Earlier, Shani went to a music festival in southern Israel, where she was captured by Hamas. In a video of Shani that went viral on social media, Hamas fighters load the unconscious Shani into the bed of her truck and drag her somewhere. At the time, Shani had all of her clothes removed except for her underwear. In the video, Hamad’s crew cheers as they carry her Shani through her streets, several of them shouting “God is great” in Arabic. One member even spit on Shani’s head as she fell.

Shani’s family recognized him after seeing his tattoo. Ricarda told Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ( FAZ ), “When we heard about the surprise attack by Hamas, we called Shani and asked if there was a place to take refuge. Shani said he would immediately get in his car and go to a safe place.” He said the call was his last call with Shani.

Meanwhile, upon hearing the news of Shani’s death, Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog expressed condolences to Shani’s family, saying, “I am truly sorry to hear the news of Shani’s death.” “This news is terrible to me,” said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. “It shows all the brutality behind Hamas.”

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