‘KBL First 98’ Choi Joo-young, “I chose it because it’s thick and special”

Choi Joo-young (Korea Gas Corporation) is the first player to wear the number 98 in the KBL.

The 2023-2024 season will be the 28th season since its inception in 1997. There are 1,231 players who have appeared in at least one regular season game.

Players have their own unique number within the team. Starting with 00, all numbers from 0 to 38 have been used. The smallest number that remains a mystery is 39. The same goes for numbers 46 through 49, 56, 59 and 60, 62 through 70, 72, 74 through 76, 78, 80 through 85, 89, 94 through 98.

Between them, 98 is missing. This is because Choi changed his number from 15 to 98.

Currently, there are no registered players in the NBA using the number 98. However, Jason Collins, Arnoldas Koulboca, and Hamed Haddadi have worn the number 98 in the past. It’s definitely a rare number in the NBA.

When asked why he chose to wear No. 98, Choi said, “I wore No. 15 for two years, but I couldn’t play in the regular league and only played in the D-League. The coach told me to get stronger this season so that I can block foreign players,” he said, “So I chose number 98 because I wanted to get tiger energy because I was born in 1998. I don’t know what people will think, but I think it’s special because it’s not common,” he said, explaining why he chose number 98.

“I like Dennis Rodman’s style, and I want to be like him, so I was going to wear 91, but I thought it would be cool to wear 98 for color,” Choi said, adding, “Centers fight a lot and need a lot of fighting spirit. I like the number 98, and I like the image of the tiger. At first, everyone told me to just wear number 15 because that’s the number. It’s my number, so I went with it. I said, “No. 15 doesn’t look like the center, and I like to fight. Number 98 was fine,” he said.

Newcomer Andrew Nicholson, who replaced Isaiah Hicks, missed the match against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis after failing to register as a player. Choi was added to the roster to fill the void, and for the first time, she played 5:58 of regular season action, scoring two points and grabbing one rebound.

“I was lucky,” Choi said of her first regular-season start, and vowed, “I’m not lucky, I’m good, and I’m going to earn the trust of the coach with the number 98, so I’ll play in the regular season.” 캡틴토토 도메인

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