KS after 8 years…Sangsoo Kim “I want to go crazy”

“I want to be the first to go crazy.”

Aiming for another throne. It’s infielder Kim Sang-soo (KT). He stands on the stage of the Korean Series (KS-7 best-of-four), the final gateway. It feels both familiar and unfamiliar. It’s a place he’s stepped on five times in the past, but he hasn’t had much luck lately. It’s been eight years since 2015, when he played for Samsung. It’s his first year with the team, so he’s feeling extra special. “It’s a strange feeling,” said Kim Sang-soo. I’m happy to be playing on the best stage,” he said, adding, “It’s a different feeling (than at Samsung). I used to bury my brothers, but now I feel a lot of responsibility.” 토토사이트

Kim Sang-soo joined the Magic before the season. In 129 regular-season games, he batted .271 (120-for-443) with three home runs and 56 RBIs. He helped KT earn a direct ticket to the playoffs (PO-5 best-of-three). Even the most experienced players are nervous. Earlier, he made an error in the fifth game of the PO against NC. “It was a big mental blow,” Kim recalled. I’m glad the team won,” he said, adding, “I’ll try to show a solid performance in KS.”

KT is literally building to a magical season this year. A string of injuries early in the season dropped them to the bottom of the leaderboard. They didn’t give up. They roared back to second place. PO was also a drama. They completed a reverse sweep, taking the first two games to reach KS. It’s only the third time in history. After Hyundai in 1996 and SK in 2009. Apart from the excitement, the pressure was high. “It might have been fun for the people watching, but we thought we were crazy,” Kim chuckled.

They want to keep the momentum going. “The team atmosphere is really good right now. I think LG has more pressure,” he said with confidence. When asked about KT’s strengths, he said, “We’re really persistent. We’ve been on a magical journey since the regular season, and I think that strength will come into play in KS.” In short-term games such as the Postseason (PS), it is often said that ‘crazy players’ must come out. “I hope there are a lot of crazy players. I want to be crazy too, I just need to be good,” he emphasized.

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