‘UFC veteran’ Kyung Ho Kang passes 13th weigh-in…seeks third straight UFC win, 20th pro victory

‘Korean Zombie’ Chung Chan Sung retired, and now ‘Mr. Perfect’ is the oldest. The oldest man in the UFC, Kang Kyung-ho (36, Team Mad, Busan, South Korea) will attempt to make it three in a row in the Octagon.

Kang, who turned pro in 2007 and fought for Spirit MC and Road FC, has a combined record of 29-19-9-1. He will be looking for his 20th win in his 30th professional fight.

Kang passed the weigh-ins with flying colors on Nov. 11 (ET) and is ready to compete at UFC 295 on Nov. 12 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Kang is a 135-pound (61.23 kg) bantamweight fighter. With a one-pound margin of error on the scale, he needs to cut down to 136 pounds (61.69 kg).

However, a week before the fight, his opponent John Castaneda (31, USA) became overwhelmed with the weight loss and suggested that he make the contracted weight of 140 pounds (63.50 kg).

Kang Kyung-ho, who had already begun cutting down, offered to cut two pounds from 140 pounds to make 138 pounds (62.60 kg), and the two fighters agreed to the 138-pound contract weight.

With two pounds to spare, Kang made the weight without a hitch and weighed in at 138 pounds. Castaneda weighed in at 137.6 pounds.

Kang and Castaneda looked at each other and struck a fighting pose at the public weigh-ins at Madison Square Garden, before shaking hands and promising a great fight. 캡틴토토 주소

Kang made his UFC debut in March 2013 and has been fighting in the Octagon for 10 years. He has compiled a record of 12-8-3 with one no contest. He has twice won three fights in a row, but has failed to win four in a row.

He is currently on a two-fight winning streak, having defeated Dana White and Christian Quiñones since last year.

Kang holds the record for the longest time in top position in UFC bantamweight history (52 minutes, 8 seconds). He is also tied for third in UFC bantamweight history for most submission wins (4).

With the retirement of “Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung, the oldest brother of the UFC’s longest-serving champion, Kang’s next task is to move up the bantamweight ranks.

The UFC 295 main event is a light heavyweight championship bout between Iri Prohaska and Alex Pereira. Prohaska weighed in at 204.2 pounds and Pereira at 204 pounds.

The co-main event is an interim heavyweight title fight between Sergey Pavlovic and Tom Aspinall.

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