Wolverhampton ace now… Hwang Hee-Chan named October Player of the Month, aims to win top scoring title

He is now an integral part of the Wolverhampton team. He’s slowly cementing his place as Wolverhampton’s ace.

On October 14 (KST), Wolverhampton named Hwang Hee-chan their October Player of the Month. “Hwang Hee-chan has come out on top in the October Player of the Month poll, ahead of Pedro Neto and Craig Dawson,” the club announced on its website.

Sasha Kalajic was Wolverhampton’s Player of the Month in August and Pedro Neto in September. This is the second time Hwang has been named Wolverhampton’s Player of the Month since joining the Premier League. He was previously named Wolverhampton’s Player of the Month in October 2021.

At the time, Hwang was on loan from Leipzig, and based on his performances, Wolverhampton bought him outright.

This is his first Player of the Month honor this season. In September, Hwang was not named Wolverhampton’s Player of the Month despite scoring four goals. Netou, who had one goal and three assists in the same period, was named Player of the Month.

In all three of Wolverhampton’s games in October, Hwang picked up offensive points. First, he scored his fifth goal of the season in the eighth round of the Premier League against Aston Villa. Wolverhampton drew 1-1 with Aston Villa thanks to Hwang’s goal.

He added an assist against Bournemouth in the ninth round. He assisted on Nemanja Kalinic’s goal to give Wolverhampton a 2-1 win.

Exploded for another goal in the 10th round against Newcastle United. It was his sixth Premier League goal. After joining Wolverhampton in the 2021-2022 season, he broke the club’s record for most goals in a single season.

In Wolverhampton’s October Player of the Month poll, Hwang received 45% of the vote. He narrowly edged out Netou (41%).

This season, Hwang has seven goals and two assists in 13 games. In the Premier League, he has scored six goals in 12 games. That’s tied for sixth in the league. He is also the team’s top scorer.

Compared to the start of the season, his status has changed dramatically. Hwang managed just four goals and three assists in 32 games last season. He lost the battle for a starting spot. He had to adjust to the new Gary O’Neill regime, and his position at Wolverhampton was unsettled as transfer rumors swirled.

It didn’t take him long to prove his worth. A string of goals in the early part of the season catapulted him into the starting lineup. Even in the midst of Wolverhampton’s losses, Hwang’s performance stood out.

This season, Hwang hasn’t slowed down since the start. He scored his first goal of the season on August 20 against Brighton and Hove Albion. He followed that up with goals against Crystal Palace and Liverpool. However, Wolverhampton have been able to negate Hwang’s goals in every game. Until the Liverpool game, they had lost every game in which he scored a goal.

Hwang continued his scoring streak. On October 1, he scored the winning goal against Premier League leader Manchester City. It was Wolverhampton’s first win in the Premier League this season.

It was a confidence-boosting goal. After the game, Hwang said, “I feel so good. The will to fight and win against City was clear. From the moment I scored the first goal, it was different. They’re a great team, but we responded well tactically. We followed all their players man-to-man,” he said.

“Every goal means something. It’s a great feeling to score a goal, especially at home like today (Sept. 30),” he said. “Cunha’s pass was so good that it was easy for me to score. I worked really hard before I scored. My goal was not a result of luck. It’s a result of the hard work the whole team has put in under our new coach.”

Hwang scored again in the next game against Aston Villa to keep the momentum going. Against Bournemouth on October 22, he assisted Kalajic’s theater goal.

In the next game, against Newcastle, he saved the day. Hwang, who started, conceded a penalty in first-half stoppage time. However, Hwang stepped up to the plate in the second half. In the 26th minute of the second half, he scored an equalizer that sent the Wolverhampton home fans into a frenzy.

Hwang’s recent injury has also been a big boost to his rise. Until last season, Hwang’s career was hampered by frequent injuries. Just when he was starting to gain some momentum, he would go down. It was frustrating for him and for Wolverhampton.

This season has been different. He hasn”t had any major injuries, except for a minor one against Everton, where he had to be substituted. Once healthy, Hwang has been on a perfect upswing and has become the team’s ace in the hole.

Hwang is on track for a career-high season. Hwang joined Wolverhampton from Leipzig in the German Bundesliga in the 2021-22 season. After a breakout season with Salzburg in Austria, he moved to Leipzig. He struggled in Leipzig. However, his move to Wolverhampton gave him a chance to bounce back quickly. He scored five goals in his first season.

His second season in the Premier League was plagued by injuries and poor form. With three goals, he was less successful than in his debut season. Ahead of this season, Wolverhampton’s manager changed and there was competition for places. There were even transfer rumors.

The season started and Hwang erased all the worries and concerns. Wolverhampton kept racking up offensive points, win or draw. It didn’t matter who they were playing. Rather, he scored goals against the big guns and added value. They’ve scored against Man City, Newcastle, and Liverpool this season.

The six goals are the most Hwang has scored since joining the Premier League. Considering it’s still early in the season, double-digit goals are not out of the question. He wants to become the Premier League’s top scorer.

Naturally, transfer speculation has been rife. He started every game as the main striker. There”s no reason for Hwang to leave Wolverhampton. He”s more than a starter, he”s an ace. His position in the team is solid.

Barring any injury setbacks, the good vibes should continue. Injuries have always plagued him in the past, especially when he’s in a good mood, and he’s had to take long breaks due to hamstring pain. If he can manage his injuries, his value will skyrocket.

His goal-scoring process is also pure. Hwang didn’t play full-time every game. He played a lot as a joker at the beginning of the season, but he still made his presence felt. Compared to other strikers who are competing with him for the top scoring spot, Hwang’s minutes are significantly lower.

However, his goal conversion rate is the highest in the Premier League. According to the latest Premier League statistics, Hwang’s goal conversion rate is 41.7%. This means that his shots are more likely to be converted into goals. Wolverhampton doesn’t have a strong offense. Hwang has made his presence felt by creating a lot of goals from fewer chances. 카지노사이트

In order to keep the momentum going, he needs to take care of his body. He had previously struggled to stay fit due to frequent injuries.

Now, he’s back with the national team and looking to keep the momentum going. Hwang rejoined the national team for training against Singapore in the first match of the Asia Second Qualifying Group for the 2026 North America Cup. “I’m determined to keep playing well and feel confident,” he said.

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